Professor Noellie Rodriguez Continues To Impress Me… Calls for Clean Elections

On October 29th, I blogged specifically about my  favorite professor  Noellie Rodriguez:

“…I attribute most of this because of the inspiration that Ms. Noellie Rodrigues gave me…”

She continues to do so and I’m very impressed with her recent work with the Clean Elections work that she is doing. I’d like to thank Peter Sur of the Hawaii Tribune for writing such an excellent article.

“…The clean elections public funding is an experiment in better government that has worked in other places, and we want to see if it can work here,” said Noelie Rodriguez, a lecturer at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. “So some of the people in power now are threatened by it because it’s a change. But we need that change. We desperately need that change…” Tribune Herald 3/4

Keep up the good work Noellie and let’s make sure those M&M’s get divided more evenly in the future!

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