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New Blog Going on My ‘Roll: “Wordful” Out of Kamuela, Hawaii

I’ve been reading Charles Bohannan’s blog “Wordful”  for the last few weeks and I’m amazed this guy hasn’t caught the attention of the Director of Public Works!  (Just teasing Charles).

Charles Bohannan and I am a writer, editor and so-called go-getter. Not quite a poet as you can see. My intent is to help solo web publishers like you (and me) succeed in professional blogging…

…I live in Kamuela, Hawaii (the Big Island) with my family. And yes, I consider myself very lucky in many ways…surfing being one of them. Wordful is solely owned and operated by me, but I hope to build it far beyond that one day.

In yesterdays post “Do You Seek Influence or Income” I think he hits the head on of the nail on quite a few points other bloggers might want to think about as they attemp to monetize their blogs.

There’s been some recent discussion on some blogs about where us web people belong.

Sonia Simone at Copyblogger describes two types of people on the web: thought leaders and marketers. Thought leaders (she calls them the “Cool Kids”) constantly push the boundaries of conversation, attention and influence, while the Internet Marketers chase the cash through quick, aggressive, black hat tactics. Then she poses the question: which tribe is lame and which one is smart?… More Here

I welcome Charles to my ‘Roll and look forward to learning more from a “Professional Blogger” right here on the Big Island.

One Response

  1. Hey there, Damon — mahalo for the write-up.

    Thanks to your blog I’ve just been opened up to a whole Big Island blogging scene I never knew existed.

    Great stuff you’re publishing. Very prolific and edgy — I admire that.



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