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Live From the Legislature: Hearings on Taro Security

*** 3:40:

HB1226 passes out of House Agricultural committee with amendments. Both bills (HB1226 and HB1663) will go to the floor for vote.

*** 3:30

  1. HB1663 amended to only ban GMO testing on Hawaiian taro. 74 varieties will be safeguarded from any type of scientific research.

  2. HB1663, banning GMO taro, passes out of House Agriculture Committee with amendments.

  3. Agriculture committee recesses for decision making.

*** Part II of Hearings Begins

**12:10 Jerry Konanui fr Big Island: Their are thousands of noncommercial taro growers and consumers that would be affected by GMO .
12:02 More Scare Tactics: Alicia Maluafiti talks about Samoan taro and how their crops were decimated by disease, global warming.

Simply untrue… Their taro crop disease had nothing to do with global warminghttp://tinyurl.com/bp69no

They are still worried about this 17 years after the incident:

…In Western Samoa, there are widespread, though sporadic, outbreaks on the island of Upolu. There is a low level of infection along the coast at the moment, but this is expected to increase with the onset of the rainy season within a couple of months…

**  11:35 Haraguchi using scare tactics again:

Rodney Haraguchi , taro grower from Kauai: receiving calls threatening to boycott his taro unless he supports ban on GMO taro.

Haraguchi: New pests are entering Hawaii that Ag inspectors aren’t able to stop. Matter of time before taro crops are devastated.

(Remember the following Haraguchi Testimony in 2008)

All the taro farmers understand and are sensitive to the cultural significance of taro to the Hawaiian community and also have reservations about GMO taro,” Kaua‘i Taro Growers Association President Rodney Haraguchi said in his written testimony. “However, they are opposed to have a law passed for 10 years restricting research which may be necessary.”

His use of the word “all” makes it sound like the farmers unanimously share KTGA’s anti-moratorium stance on this issue, when that is simply not the case. And anyway, the KTGA could not by any stretch of the imagination be said to represent even a majority of the taro growers on the island… Joan Conrow

** 10:30 Removing the other feeds from blog today, Hopefully that will speed up the twitter feed…(I dunno?)
** 10:03 Both Georgette and Thelma are now Tweeting live.  Thelma got there a bit late
*New Blog Postings Listed Below this post”

HB 1223 and HB1663:

Hearings on Taro Security

(Twitter Feeds Will Update About Once Every 20-30 Minutes on My Blog as There is a Slight Delay in the RSS Feed.  If you want to see the Tweets Live, I suggest you sign up to twitter and follow their feeds there)

Georgette Deemer from the Hawaii House Blog will be providing the feed in the left column, while Thelma Dreyer also from the Hawaii House Blog will be providing the other feed in the right column.

(Hearings begin at 9:00 am and will probably last into the night I will expand the feed once the hearing begins)



Genetically Modified Organisms; Preemption; Exceptions
Preempts certain state administrative regulatory actions and county regulatory actions relating to genetically modified plant organisms. Excepts from the preemption any county ordinance that took effect before 01/01/09 and made unlawful certain actions relating to particular species of genetically modified plant organisms. Excepts also from the preemption any state administrative regulatory action or county regulatory action that bans, restricts, or otherwise regulates the growing of genetically modified taro.

Genetically Modified Taro; Prohibition
Prohibits the development, testing, propagation, release, importation, planting, or growing of genetically modified taro in the State of Hawaii.

"As you can see in this photo of Uncle Jerry Konanui in a field of healthy natural taro, Hawaii doesn't need or want GMO-taro!" From the Kahea Website

"As you can see in this photo of Uncle Jerry Konanui in a field of healthy natural taro, Hawaii doesn't need or want GMO-taro!" From the Kahea Website

2 Responses

  1. wow. uncle jerry told me about you, and only now did i remember to check this out. man you are on it!!! mahalo nui for spreading this word and representing this issue so well.

  2. Love the video — I picked taro with my friend Ken Kaona on their family land in Hanalei Valley, and was one of the volunteers who helped restore the Limahuli terraces and loi.

    Brings back some memories.

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