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Lingle Press Conference Twitter Feed

  1. Lost the online feed of the governor’s news conference, but sounded like it was wrapping up.

  2. Lingle: Every $1 million saved prevents about 14 workers from being laid off.

  1. Lingle: “If they (Legislature) came in with a tax increase, I wouldn’t be able to support it at this point.”

  2. Lingle: Raising taxes is a very bad idea. “We need to be doing everything we can to lift the burden.”

  3. Lingle: The $96 million in savings from state workers’ health benefits will have to be negotiated through collective bargaining.

  4. Lingle says she does not intend to propose any redirection of TAT or GET surcharge revenues.

  5. Lingle: “All of us must face reality.”

  6. Lingle: Without these changes, state would have to layoff roughly 9,000 employees.

  7. Lingle: No layoffs or furloughs.

  8. Lingle: “This will not be the last round of cuts, reductions and changes.” More to come after next Council on Revenues forecast.

  9. Lingle: Act 221 high-tech tax credits must be tightened.

  10. Lingle: State has to realize $96 million in savings to public employee health benefit costs.

  11. Lingle proposes to remove exemptions from some special funds and transfer interest to general fund.

  12. Lingle supports bill to reallocate some of the federal Tobacco Settlement Fund money.

  13. Lingle: Federal Medicaid funding from stimulus package is about $320 million to help close the budget gap.

  14. Lingle says she won’t speculate on what the Council on Revenues may predict at its May 12 forecast meeting.

  15. Lingle: Current budget gap of $650 million can be closed with help of stimulus funds and without layoffs.

  16. Lingle: Governors will take the lead — and be held accountable — on allocating the stimulus money.

  17. “We were very busy in Washington, trying to understand the stimulus bill.”

  18. Governor talking about her recent trip to Washington to meet with Hawaii’s congressional delegation and Obama Cabinet members.

  19. Lingle news conference has started. Governor submitting new six-year financial plan to Legislature today.

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