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I’m in Shock! Yesterday’s Hawaii County Council Minutes are Already Online

This has to be a record for Hawaii County getting their County Council meetings made available to the public in such quick time.


Yesterday’s Action’s Taken can be found here.  Use the up and down keys at the top of the document to go through the pages.

The$28,000 donation of the  Fire Truck that I mentioned earlier did get approved among other things.

2 Responses

  1. While what was posted did show the actions taken, those are not minutes, which are the verbatim accounts of all discussion that occurred. Those have to be transcribed from audio tape. Don’t know how long that is currently taking but it used to take months.

    Damon – Thanks for the clarification. I sure could use some more experience in politics before trying to give them to the readers here. I guess that’s why I rarely comment directly on some of the bills and stuff that I do see.

  2. maybe it had something to do with somebody asking about the availability of minutes, and why do we have to wait up to 30 days for people to get things done.

    Damon – I’m assuming it has something to do directly with Billy Kenoi Appointing Hunter Bishop and the Other Folks in the know about public information and the right to access. It’s just taken them awhile to get in the flow of things because I’m sure it has to still go through a few hoops and bounce off a couple rims before it hits the net…Unless of course some I know just started showing up and streaming the meetings directly to the net (ala justintv)… and saving them for later so the entire island can see what is going on when they want.

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