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Hired for Census Position

Back on October 16th, I blogged about taking the census test.

I knew I had done pretty well getting 27 out of 28 questions correctly.

I just got a call this afternoon telling me I was hired as a PT Census taker.

I’ll be doing a 9-5 training from March 30th – April 3rd and then for 10 weeks for approximately 20 hours per week I’ll be driving around the Puna area scaring people as I drive up their driveways.

Pay $17.00 an hour and $.50 per mile (That $.50 cents per mile is really going to add up here in the Puna District from what I have heard.  That’s like an extra $1.00 for every mile you go… so if you go 15 miles to someones place… RT that’s an extra $15.00 towards your paycheck off just one location.  You do about 4 of those per day and that’s an extra $300 per week in just gas reimbursement.  (Needless to say… I’ll be driving the Ford instead of the Jeep since it does get better mileage)

This will work out perfectly with my subbing position to add some more income, even if it’s just for a couple months.  I don’t have to go in to work when they call me as a Sub so I can conveniently pick and choose my work during those 10 weeks.

I’ve had 37 Comments on my blog asking questions regarding this, and I can honestly just say…. Score well and be patient.  That’s all I did to get the job.

So if you live in Puna, and you see a stranger lurking around your house… don’t shoot just so quickly!

Have no fear about my blog… this will actually give me an opportunity to blog even more!  I’ll always have my camera and I’m sure I’ll have more then my share of Dog Chasing Me stories… Effing dogs!

18 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, you won’t be blogging as much now. One thing the Census requires is confidentiality. You don’t discuss your job with anyone. You never give out Title 13 info, or PII.
    I got hired by them in March of ’09 and am currently on my 3rd go-round.
    For all you taking the test, take it a forget it. Be patient. AND leave those test givers alone. They’ll tell you anything to get you out of their faces..

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