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Search Me

I have been tagged! Andrew at the Darker View has tagged me to follow in the Google Search Meme. This meme was started by Rick over at Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice and Sunsets. A great blog on things oceanographic that long ago found a place in my reader.

The rules are fairly simple, but as I found take a little work! Do you know how many searches for which Damon Tucker’s Weblog is in the first page but not top? More than I would have thought. I have typed more than a few into the search box at this point trying to find top placements.

How many of you bloggers play this game from time to time? Open-up a browser window to Google and enter a string of words (that are NOT your blog title) that still delivers your blog as the top-ranked search result.

Finding good search terms that lead to Damon Tucker’s Weblog was not easy. The secret? Find absurd word combinations that nevertheless appear in some article in your blog. This worked quite well in finding number one search results. I was also quite pleased that some not so absurd combinations work as well. It helps that Damon Tucker’s Weblog  has a reasonably good Google Page Rank rating, ten out of ten. I did check, The Right Blue has a five!

While testing Google search queries I have been considering some things about blogging and the internet in general. Many questions trickle through my thoughts… What makes people come to Damon Tucker’s Weblog and read my ramblings? What makes Google the arbiter of what is important on the web? What impact do we who blog have on society? I have my thoughts, but not definitive answers on these questions. Indeed, a researcher could spend many lifetimes on these sort of questions. Simply considering the questions is a worthy activity once in a while to asses what we do.

Of course to continue a good meme you have to tag a few fellow bloggers to continue, a sort of internet chain letter, but hopefully more interesting results. So I will have to pick on Aaron, RJ, and Devany as the next links.


Waiting for the Aliens and other "Professional" Journalists


One Response

  1. Good one, Damon. (Imagine becoming famous as the numbah one site for “orgasm mushroom tribune.” Gotta love it!)


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