Damon Dollar Arrives From The Pineapple Fleet

Wow… I just pulled my Damon Dollar’s off my blog last week and I received another Dollar today!  I’ll still post them if people want to continue sending them in to me!


You can check out the Pineapple Fleet when you get a chance.  I’ve never added an out of state blog to my ‘roll… but I’ve always said… “never say never” and I’m adding this one to my roll.


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  1. Mahalo nui for the plug Damon. Original plan for that Damon Dollar was to put it in a bottle with the note and toss it into the ocean for but I found a stamp at the last minute (and hoped that it was the right denomination.) The USPS doesn’t print the value on them anymore, and that stresses me out when I mail a letter.
    Hana hou, Bravo Zulu!

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