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Hawaii Cigarette Tax to Increase $2.00 from $1.00

Just read the following tweet from Nancy Cook Lauer

House Finance Committee Doubles Cigarette tax from $1.00 to $2.00 Per pack.

Friday, Lauer blogged “Tobacco Taxes face 40% Hike

…The House bill, HB 1175, would increase the per-cigarette tax from 10 cents to 14 cents.

The Senate bill, SB 38, raises the tax on other tobacco products from 40 percent of the wholesale price to 60 percent. SB 38 unanimously cleared the Senate Health Committee and is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Ways and Means Committee on Monday…

5 Responses

  1. Great job taxmakers. I just got the shock of my life at the store when I was charged 12.00 for 1.5 oz. of tobacco that 2 days ago cost me 6.50. You are creating another crime source for the poor….stealing to support thier (nicotine) drug habit. Aloha Gov.

  2. This is more of the same idiot politics in Hawaii for the rich Yuppies. With the economy sagging, this is how to fix the problem. Another tax on the poor. Guess who are the smokers? Smoking is a bad addicting habit, but it is one of the only vices that poor people have. With housing prices so high, let’s punish the poor who are addicted by giving them a 60 percent increase on their addiction. This is going to provide us lawmakers with more money to waste and steal. It also has the added benefit of curing their addiction by force. You know it’s not enough for us to ban smoking in public buildings, because we don’t want to smell it. We don’t want to smell it period. You people are so stupid. You think the world should be made to suit you. When people are addicted to something and don’t want to quit, they find ways to get what they need. This stupid tax is just going to raise the crime rate here and hurt the tourist economy more, as more angry poor Hawaiians look with disgust at the rich tourists who are pampered enough already. Sorry guys, but I don’t think “Mauifornia” is going to be such a Disneyland too much longer with idiots like you in power.

  3. Exactly why i hope they never legalize marijuana.

  4. and court costs for processing bootleggers ..but Fines for bootlegging just might cover court costs?

  5. If they raise it much more, at least they’ll be creating
    new jobs – for bootleggers.

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