Bail Money Arrives From Mainland Reader

With all the recent trouble I seem to be getting myself into on my blog, a blog reader from the mainland sent me a very generous check today that I’ll just call “Future Bail Money.”

It was inside of a very nice card and inside read the following:

“You reeled me in with the Damon Dollar Deal.  Clever.

The enclosed is sent with aloha, for the work you do through your blog and community involvement.  Please don’t think of it as charity, rather a contribution to help keeping your reporting online, realizing the amount of effort it takes.  Alternately, it might come in handy if the federals get a bug up their azz about some gov’t bldg. photography, PWC Dispute, or Down-right Scared into locking you up out of sheer lack of rational thought about how to react to you.

Finding you, and several others most likable as well as informative, and look forward to a face-to-face talk story soon.

Malama Pono –

Mainland Reader (name being withheld)

To the reader that sent this… thank you very much. Please let me know if I can assist you in anyway as you look towards retiring here in Puna.


Damon Tucker

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