BKNYKANAKA Talks to Noelani Whittington on Blackballing Bloggers… “It Was a Mistake, My Fault, Bad Judgment…”

From what it appears, the Brooklyn Born Kanaka (BKNYKANAKA), has stormed the Department of Public Works in an attempt to see what is going on down there.

In his blog today, “Noelani Speaks…” he mentions the following:

Ok, so the story according to Noelani is…

I asked her if the there was any particular reason why Damon Tucker, Aaron Stene and Dave Corrigan were mentioned- and she said along the lines “it was a mistake, my fault. bad judgement…”

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Department of Health Opposes Mobile Medical Care for Southern Portion of Big Island… HB317

I’m a bit late checking a few of my Twitter Favorites, but I just came across one by Georgette Deemer that was very interesting:

HB317 provides mobile medical care for southern portion of Big Island. Dept. of Health opposes. HMSA supports.

Mobile Medical Van; Vog Health Care
Authorizes the use of federal Homeland Security Grant Program funds to provide the people of the southern portion of the island of Hawaii with increased access to suitable emergency and clinical medical care.

Noelani… I’m Not Hard to Find… Twitter @ damontucker Email: Damontucker @ yahoo.com “No Spacing”… Er Um I Mean Spaces

I have now gotten two confirmed reports that Noelani Whittington of the Department of Public Works  is interested in talking to me about the Blackballing of bloggers incident.

I’m not a hard person to find.

My email and twitter account is on the bottom left of this blog that she obviously reads enough to attempt to Blackball me for some reason or another.

I find it interesting that someone who was attempting to blackball me from getting public information from her office… when I haven’t ever tried too… Is now attempting to get a hold of me only by phone.

Sorry, I always learned not to give out my number to strangers.  You are welcome to make a comment here, email me at my email address or Tweet with me.

I’m open to having a dialog with her… but I need to let my email server know that I have lifted the ban on her IP Address.  It was only banned for 10 days… I’ve rescinded that because I made a mistake. :roll:


Search Me

I have been tagged! Andrew at the Darker View has tagged me to follow in the Google Search Meme. This meme was started by Rick over at Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice and Sunsets. A great blog on things oceanographic that long ago found a place in my reader.

The rules are fairly simple, but as I found take a little work! Do you know how many searches for which Damon Tucker’s Weblog is in the first page but not top? More than I would have thought. I have typed more than a few into the search box at this point trying to find top placements.

How many of you bloggers play this game from time to time? Open-up a browser window to Google and enter a string of words (that are NOT your blog title) that still delivers your blog as the top-ranked search result.

Finding good search terms that lead to Damon Tucker’s Weblog was not easy. The secret? Find absurd word combinations that nevertheless appear in some article in your blog. This worked quite well in finding number one search results. I was also quite pleased that some not so absurd combinations work as well. It helps that Damon Tucker’s Weblog  has a reasonably good Google Page Rank rating, ten out of ten. I did check, The Right Blue has a five!

While testing Google search queries I have been considering some things about blogging and the internet in general. Many questions trickle through my thoughts… What makes people come to Damon Tucker’s Weblog and read my ramblings? What makes Google the arbiter of what is important on the web? What impact do we who blog have on society? I have my thoughts, but not definitive answers on these questions. Indeed, a researcher could spend many lifetimes on these sort of questions. Simply considering the questions is a worthy activity once in a while to asses what we do.

Of course to continue a good meme you have to tag a few fellow bloggers to continue, a sort of internet chain letter, but hopefully more interesting results. So I will have to pick on Aaron, RJ, and Devany as the next links.


Waiting for the Aliens and other "Professional" Journalists


What’s My Line: Hawaii Senator Oren Ethelbirt Long

Hawaii Senator Oren Ethelbirt Long,

Hawaii Senator Oren Ethelbirt Long (1959 - 1963) He first came to Hawai’i in 1917 as a social worker in Hilo.

Oren E. Long, U.S. Senator from Hawaii 1959-1963, was a guest on the 30 August 1959 episode of WML.


Oren Ethelbirt Long (March 4, 1889 – May 6, 1965), was the tenth Territorial Governor of Hawai’i and served from 1951 to 1953. A member of the Hawai’i Democratic Party, Long was appointed to the office after the term of Ingram M. Stainback. After statehood was achieved he served in the United States Senate, one of the first two to represent Hawai’i in that body.

Long was born in Altoona, Kansas and attended Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee, University of Michigan, and Columbia University in New York City. He first came to Hawai’i in 1917 as a social worker in Hilo. He then held various educational positions in the public school system eventually becoming a superintendent from 1933 to 1946. He was appointed Governor of the Territory of Hawai’i by President of the United States Harry Truman in 1951 and served until 1953.

On July 28, 1959 he was elected to one of the two Senate seats from the newly formed State of Hawaii, and took office on August 21, 1959. He chose not to run for re-election when his term expired in 1962, and was succeeded by then-Rep. Daniel Inouye.

He died in 1965 of a heart attack in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Long remains the only U.S. Senator from Hawaii with no Asian ancestry.

Bail Money Arrives From Mainland Reader

With all the recent trouble I seem to be getting myself into on my blog, a blog reader from the mainland sent me a very generous check today that I’ll just call “Future Bail Money.”

It was inside of a very nice card and inside read the following:

“You reeled me in with the Damon Dollar Deal.  Clever.

The enclosed is sent with aloha, for the work you do through your blog and community involvement.  Please don’t think of it as charity, rather a contribution to help keeping your reporting online, realizing the amount of effort it takes.  Alternately, it might come in handy if the federals get a bug up their azz about some gov’t bldg. photography, PWC Dispute, or Down-right Scared into locking you up out of sheer lack of rational thought about how to react to you.

Finding you, and several others most likable as well as informative, and look forward to a face-to-face talk story soon.

Malama Pono –

Mainland Reader (name being withheld)

To the reader that sent this… thank you very much. Please let me know if I can assist you in anyway as you look towards retiring here in Puna.


Damon Tucker

Damon Dollar Arrives From The Pineapple Fleet

Wow… I just pulled my Damon Dollar’s off my blog last week and I received another Dollar today!  I’ll still post them if people want to continue sending them in to me!


You can check out the Pineapple Fleet when you get a chance.  I’ve never added an out of state blog to my ‘roll… but I’ve always said… “never say never” and I’m adding this one to my roll.


Mamalahoa Bypass to Open Next Tuesday

Media Release

The long-awaited Mamalahoa bypass opens Tuesday, March 10, under a grant of easement with Oceanside 1250, developer of Hokuli’a, while the road dedication is in process.

This allows the County use of the road for one-way southbound travel from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

Motorists will enter the bypass from the end of Ali’i Drive and exit through Kona Scenic subdivision to reach Mamalahoa Highway.

Bikes, scooters, mopeds, pedestrians, and vehicles with a gross vehicular weight (GVW) over three (3) tons are not allowed on the bypass during this trial period and will be stopped by an off-duty police officer at the entrance. No stopping or standing along the bypass is permitted.

Message boards will be positioned to alert drivers of the bypass hours, and radio ads will inform motorists of bypass hours.

Printed brochures are available at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce, Hawaii Federal Credit Union, the Mayor’s office and at Public Works in Kona and Hilo. Electronic brochures are also available on the County website, under Mamalahoa Bypass in “Projects Update.”

Safety improvements were recently completed in Kona Scenic subdivision between Kamehameha III and Kaleiopapa Road in Keauhou Resort and along Ali’i Drive. These improvements were mandatory before the Mamalahoa bypass could open.

The State has envisioned the bypass since 1979 in anticipation of a growing population.  Currently, a large portion of the South Kona community works in either North Kona or

South Kohala and commutes daily along Mamalahoa Highway. The new two-lane

bypass in South Kona gives motorists an alternate route between North and South Kona.

It runs North-South and is located midway between the shoreline and Mamalahoa Highway. The northern portion of the bypass starts at the southern edge of Keauhou and runs approximately three miles to the bottom of Haleki’i Street in Kealakekua’s Kona Scenic subdivision.

Binturong Pair Bears Bintlets at Panaewa Rainforest Zoo

Media Release

On February 10, 2009, the Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens awoke to the sound of “yelps” and “squeaks” from the habitat enclosure of Lucille and Ricky Ricardo, Hilo’s resident pair of Binturongs. Lucille and Ricky became permanent residents here at the zoo in 2006 and 2003, respectively.


Binturongs, also known as Bearcats, are native to Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are related to mongoose, but are nocturnal and arboreal, spending much of their days curled up on tree branches and basking in the sun while being active and feeding at night. Their natural diet consists of fruits, vegetables, eggs and moving prey such as rodents.

Zoo staff discovered 3 bintlets in Lucille’s nest box that cold, damp morning in February and are happy to report that Lucille is doing a great job in raising her young. The bintlets are strong and healthy and are now beginning to move about the nest box. Stop by the zoo often and be one of the first people to see them when they are ready to leave the confines of their nest and begin to explore their rainforest habitat enclosure in a few weeks.

Hawi, Waimea Transfer Stations to Close Temporarily

The County Department of Environmental Management and ARC of Hilo will be closing the HI-5 Redemption Center on March 7 and 8, 2009 at the Hawi Transfer Station due to upgrades to the site.
HI-5 Redemption at the Waimea Transfer Station will also be closed on March 7, 2009 due to the Household Hazardous Waste Event Collection at the site.

For more information, please contact the County Solid Waste Division’s Recycling Section at 961-8527 or 961-8270 or www.hawaiizerowaste.org

TODAY: Montessori Country School Ho’olaule’a

My son and I at today’s function… I left early… I’m still feeling a bit under the weather.


Photo above  from @hawaii247


Montessori Country School


Spring Fundraiser

Saturday, March 21st

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

(Pahoa Sacred Heart Church Parish Hall)

Musical Entertainment * Silent Auction * Chance to Win Drawing * Great Food * Plants* Flowers * Produce * Bake Sale

Keiki Activities * Horse Rides * Ocean * Jumper

The “Super Fun Show” Keiki Concert

Donations of Value (new or used) For the Silent Auction & Drawing Are Most Weclome!

(The school is a non-profit 501(3)c and ALL donations are tax deductible)

Call 965-9994 or Email: Montess9@aol.com

Governor Lingle Proclamation: Cwislyn K. Walter (Flags at Half Staff Today)


The people of Hawai‘i mourn the loss of Specialist Cwislyn K. Walter of Honolulu, a solider assigned to the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Hawai‘i Army National Guard, who died a hero, sacrificing her life to protect her soldiers, our freedom and the principles of democracy in Kuwait. She made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation on February 19, 2009, in Kuwait.
A 2007 Farrington High School graduate, Specialist Walter will be remembered for her initiative, quality work and positive attitude.
Our great nation exists because of brave people like Specialist Walter. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family and fellow soldiers serving in harm’s way. Out of deep respect and gratitude, we mourn the passing and honor the memory of



THEREFORE, I, LINDA LINGLE, Governor of the State of Hawai‘i, do hereby order the lowering of both the United States Flag, in accordance with H.R. 692, and the Hawai‘i State Flag to half-staff on all federal, state and county buildings from sunrise to sunset on Tuesday, March 3, 2009, and encourage our residents and visitors to offer their condolences to the Walter family.

DONE at the State Capitol, in the Executive Chambers, Honolulu, State of Hawai‘i, this twenty-sixth day of February 2009.

Linda Lingle
Governor, State of Hawai‘i


HIARNG SPC Cwislyn (pronounced swiss-lynn) K Walter, 19, of Honolulu, HI died in Kuwait City, Kuwait of injuries from a non-combat related vehicle accident. She was assigned to the 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion of the Hawaii National Guard. Cwislyn was a passenger in a sport utility vehicle on a trip from Camp Virginia to Camp Arifjan when the accident occurred. The incident is under investigation at this time as three other National Guard soldiers were seriously injured at the same time. The 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion left Fort Hood, TX on Oct. 22 for Kuwait with 1,200 soldiers from Hawaii. Cwislyn graduated from Farrington High School in 2007 where she excelled on the varsity softball team as an outfielder where she was the shortest player on the team at about 5 feet, but she was fast and could hit. She was also a member of Island Harmony, a Polynesian dance group at Farrington and liked reggae music. Born in Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia, raised on Guam, Cwislyn had been living in Kalihi, HI for two years. She enlisted in the Hawaii National Guard in April 2007 and went to Fort Gordon, GA for her basic and advanced individual training as a signal support systems specialist. Then she obtained follow on training at Fort Jackson, SC as a human resources specialist. On her MySpace page she referred to herself as “Soljah girl.” Besides her parents Cwislyn leaves behind two sisters and three brothers.

Today is Square Root Day 3/03/09

Square root day is a humorous holiday celebrated on dates where the day and the month are both the square root of the last two digits in the current year. For example, the last square root day was March 3, 2009 (3/3/09), and the next square root day will be April 4, 2016 (4/4/16). The final square root day of the century will occur on September 9, 2081. Each century it is the same nine dates that are Square root days.

Ron Gordon, a Redwood City, California high school teacher, first created the day for 9/9/81. Gordon is the official public relations person and spends news releases to world media outlets

One suggested way of celebrating the holiday is by eating square radishes, or other root vegetables cut into shapes with square cross sections.

Full list of holidays

  • 1/1/01
  • 2/2/04
  • 3/3/09
  • 4/4/16
  • 5/5/25
  • 6/6/36
  • 7/7/49
  • 8/8/64
  • 9/9/81

Hawaii Cigarette Tax to Increase $2.00 from $1.00

Just read the following tweet from Nancy Cook Lauer

House Finance Committee Doubles Cigarette tax from $1.00 to $2.00 Per pack.

Friday, Lauer blogged “Tobacco Taxes face 40% Hike

…The House bill, HB 1175, would increase the per-cigarette tax from 10 cents to 14 cents.

The Senate bill, SB 38, raises the tax on other tobacco products from 40 percent of the wholesale price to 60 percent. SB 38 unanimously cleared the Senate Health Committee and is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Ways and Means Committee on Monday…