My Wife is On the Road! I Need to File a Claim

My wife is on the road coming home!

If you haven’t heard about my recent saga, my wife and her family went to Kona since Thursday leaving me behind to feed the dogs and keep the house in check, besides the fact that I didn’t want to go to Kona for four days.

As my wife was getting ready to bring her grandmother home yesterday, they loaded up the car and got into drive home.  Low and behold, the ignition was locked and the key wouldn’t even turn over.  She jiggled and jiggled the steering column trying her best to get the key turned over to no avail.

I ended up driving across the island to try and assist and see what we can do, and also make sure her grandmother was able to get back home to this side of the island because she only brought the medicine that she needed for the amount of days planned.

I’m not able to get the car working either, I bring her grandmother home to this side of the island along with my son, since he had school today, leaving my wife stranded on the Kona side with her car (and thankfully her parents who had their vehicle with them)

When I got back home, I looked online and sure enough… Ignition problems were the number one complaint against Ford Focus owners.

Deal with calling around locksmiths on that side of the morning… of course it’s a Monday morning and everyone is freaking busy… finally get through to one that can do the work.

I don’t even know what the bill is right now… but the ignition is getting changed by a locksmith as I write this. So the Locksmith bill is $250.00… which is not as much is it would cost had we had to have it towed to the Ford company and had it done there…(which also would have taken at least a day depending on how backed up they were)

My main problem I think I might run into, is that I bought the car from the original owner and not brand new.

However, it’s more of a safety issue in my sense and I’m pretty pissed that I had to drive across the island and pick up my wifes grandmother because she only had enough medicine to last her until they were expected to come home yesterday….

I’ve always believed that you learn from your mistakes… and the costly ones are the ones you remember the most… But this is the god damn Ford’s Company Fault!

Anyone got a damon dollar they can loan a brother?

Seriously… any lawyers wanna help a smuck compose a letter?

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  1. Irony’s whipping boy?

    Guess who also owns a Ford Focus?

    My key has to be fiddled with to get in and out of the ignition, therefore bending the key. Once the key breaks, I am so screwed. Orchid Isle’s prices are pretty high, and it’s all going to come out of my (empty) pocket if I want to have it fixed.

  2. I was the original owner and I didn’t file a claim as I didn’t realise the problem was endemic at the time (this was in 2006). Unfortunately the car was just out of warranty at the time so the problem was no longer covered.

  3. I had exactly the same problem once with a Focus and got stuck at Keaau shopping center – fortunately not too remote a location! (I’ve been stranded in Laupahoehoe in the middle of the night with another Focus problem though – that was an emergency and we ended up calling 911 for help since it was the only number we could get on a cell). I ended up being towed to Orchid Isle and the repair cost about $350 for a new ignition lock, so I think you definitely saved a little money but I agree, if this is endemic to the Ford Focus then Ford really should pick up the cost as like you I think it’s a safety issue.

    One tip I received – try and reduce the number of keys on your key ring. Apparently the weight of other keys will, over time, cause this problem.

    Damon – Thanks for sharing. Did you file a claim? Were you the original owners?

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