Follow the Hokulea Live on Twitter

Twitter is great!

The crew of the Hokulea is using it to communicate with people throughout the world on their latest voyage.  You can view their Twitter page here.


You can also track the voyaging vessel.

Here is just a sampling of todays Tweets:

  1. Some asking why we couldn’t launch in the winds. We could, but since this is crew has new members, want to ensure their safety

  2. We’re hoping to launch this pm for Palmyra. It’s still a little iffy. Once I get confirmation, I’ll tweet.
  3. Did you see the nice editorial in todayʻs Star Bulletin @ the Hōkūle‘a. Mahalo Star Bulletin

  4. For those who haven’t seen our escort boat, the Kama Hele, she’s beautiful now. Capt. Mike did a great job refitting her after Japan trip

  5. For those outside of HI, winds still high, keeping us from sailing today. Tomorrow looks much better. Taking care of last minute details

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