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Andy Parx on Tribune Herald Article on DPW Blackballing Bloggers: “…Crummy Shoddy and Lazy Journalism at Best or More Likely Some Sort of Corrupt Complicity…”

Andy Parx made the following comment that I’m going to give a bit more attention to on my blog.

While I don’t necessarily agree with everything that is said and I appreciate Mr. Armstrongs effort to get what knowledge he may or may not have been able to publish… I am still very perplexed as to why my name was dragged into this.

Someone mentioned that Ms. Whittington was going to try and reach me and I have heard that she reached both Aaron and Dave and spoke to them directly about this incident. I’m not a hard person to find and my email is listed on this site that she obviously knows about.

I might just have to drop by sometime personally and request the directive myself to see what else is in the damn thing. :roll: I just hope they don’t have any policies similar to a certain post office I know of.

The T-H doesn’t need a sense of humor as much as a sense of good journalism. To let Whittington get away with the statement “There was no incident that prompted the policy” without any investigation or exposition is sloppy shoddy work. The fact that the article fails to ask “why” they would have such a strange policy as “stopping taping of road crews” is inexcusable, especially with Dave’s name on the list of the blackballed..

In a few minutes of research and through a couple of inquires I was able to ascertain from 500 miles away that indeed Dave’s taping of some saddle road paving in August by was apparently connected. My original stab at an explanation might have been off base(or might not) but the real explanation is still an “open secret” except for a brief mention at Aaron Stene’s site.

Any reporter worth his salt should have been able to smell more to the story and the vapid nature of Whittington’s denial-it stretches credulity to think someone would ban taping of road crews by bloggers- much less ask personnel to interfere with tapers- without any precipitating event.

To not even mention that an incident of the taping of a road crew led to embarrassment on the part of DPW and might result in a lawsuit- a fact even reported in an article reported in the self-same T-H in September- is crummy shoddy and lazy journalism at best or more likely some sort of corrupt complicity and kow-towing to the county government in keeping the “why” of the story quiet.

To not at least juxtapose the paving scandal report with the blackballing and make the implied connection is inexcusable. For me it also raises the question “where is the reporter-blogger community over there to call them on it- why do I have to do it from Kaua`i?” when there are so many… or did I miss something?

2 Responses

  1. I think in this case Andy is spot on. David’s video of the Saddle Road resurfacing was probably a huge reason why this media policy was drafted.

  2. I’m a blogger, but only here temporarily, so don’t blackball me….I am enjoying checkin out your blog.

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