“Knowing” on Department of Public Works Blackballing of Bloggers

Me… dropping “judgment bombs“… Nah… NEVER :lol: :roll:

I just noticed the following comment by  “GRANDFATHER Big Island Blogger” Larry at Knowing.net on The Kona Blog about the blackballing of a me and a couple other bloggers here on the Big Island by the Department of Public Works:

Aaron (on DPW worker Noelani Whittington): “…strikes me as person who wants control and is power hungry….”

Damon: “…less than 1500 readers a day on my blog…”

Guys, it’s staring you in the face. Even if we didn’t live on an island, your blogs with hundreds (or thousands) of daily readers are a political issue. Your blogs are probably as widely read — AMONG PEOPLE INTERESTED IN ISLAND POLITICS — as the dailies. And “people interested in island politics” includes, duh, people in the county gov’t. I guarantee that when you guys say something judgmental about county personnel or processes, it’s read by or to the person you’ve judged. And when you say something harsh about something, it stings a lot more than when you say something nice.

Aaron writes more about the road issues on the West Side than anyone; he writes more about it than Stevens Media. That’s an important issue and it involves TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars. Even if Aaron has generally been sympathetic to the challenges faced by the county and contractors, it’s not really a surprise that someone might feel that they don’t want a 30-year-old (happy b’day, Aaron) blogger being the loudest voice on the subject.

Damon posts, what?, 200 articles a day about the fastest-growing district in the island and is not afraid to drop judgment bombs about what is and is not going on. Of course that’s noticed and, again, it’s not surprising that politicians would much prefer the loudest voice on a subject be (a) their own or (b) a newspaper with whose reporters and editorial board they have established a relationship and whose writing reflects the clubby atmosphere of politics-as-usual.

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  1. FWIW, it’s actually “Knowing .NET” — .NET being the name of a Microsoft programming technology.

    Damon – I learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing.

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