Governor Lingle to Speak at Hilo Yacht Club Monday

Gov. Linda Lingle will be the guest speaker at the Hawai`i Island Chamber of Commerce (HICC) luncheon to honor Hawai`i Island winners of this year’s Small Business Association (SBA) awards. The ceremony will take place on Monday, April 6, at the Hilo Yacht Club…

Event registration begins at 11:30 a.m. This event is not open to the public. Cost for registration and payment received by April 1, 2009 is: $28.00 HICC Members ~ $35.00 Please add $5.00 for registration received after April 1, 2009. Seating is limited. For more information, contact the Hawai`i Island Chamber of Commerce at 935-7178…

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Update on the Bogus Twitter Person

Well it looks like my little friend @internetpolice wont be bothering people with Bogus stuff about me anymore.

Who goes there?

Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here.

Very interesting that @castleinhawaii posted the exact same message  at about the same time that @internetpolice did about the conficker worm.

An even more revealing message about the Castlehouse in Hawaii shows the promotion of the winhawaiian home essay scam just a few days ago.

@AriaaJaeger: Shoveling snow that weighs more than me! I am moving to Hawaii! I have three words for you:

More Census Test Training

Well today we didn’t do too much.

Our supervisor is still waiting for some hand held computers that we will be using in the field  so we are kind of at a standstill on our training right now.

One person decided that they didn’t want to do it, and to answer the question that was asked yesterday…

Yes, there were others in the room besides me that were surprised to find out that it was more then 20 hours per week… As that is what that person originally agreed upon.

Sad thing is… if we didn’t agree to the Full Time hours… he probably would have just told us that we weren’t needed at all.

One thing we were warned to watch for… Patches of Black Ice ;)  Don’t think were gonna find that around here… but it’s their protocol to read everything straight from the book… and were not even half way through this buggah yet.

Kenoi Names Margaret Masunaga Deputy Director

Media Release

Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi has named Margaret Kuroda Masunaga the new deputy director of the county Department of Planning effective April 16, 2009.

The appointment fills one of the last key slots in the mayor’s cabinet.

Masunaga, 52, is currently a deputy attorney general for the state of Hawai’i in the Attorney General’s Family Law Division in Kealakekua. From 1992 to 2007, Masunaga was Hawai’i County deputy corporation counsel practicing in Family Court in cases involving paternity and child support.

Masunaga was previously in private practice in Kailua-Kona with the law firm of Goodsill Anderson Quinn and Stifel. She has a bachelor of arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and obtained her law degree at McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific in Sacramento.

She currently sits on the Hawai’i Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board and has served as treasurer for the Hawai’i State Bar Association.  She has also served as the president of the West Hawai’i Bar Association, and is now treasurer of that organization.

Masunaga has been very active in the community, receiving awards and recognition for public service from Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Moon, Governor Linda Lingle and President George W. Bush. When she isn’t busy with her community commitments, she spends time on the Kona coffee farm that has been in her husband’s family since 1928.

She has been married to Gail Masunaga for nearly thirty years, and they have two daughters, Colette and Jana. Colette is a Rotary Club exchange student in Thailand who will be graduating from Konawaena High School in June, and Jana is a first-grade student at Konawaena Elementary School.

Planning Director Bobby Jean Leithead-Todd said Masunaga will work out of the county Planning Department’s Kona office.

“We are proud to have an attorney with Margaret’s long record of public service in our community make the commitment to serve in this key role in the Planning Department,” Mayor Kenoi said.

The Planning Department provides technical advice to the Mayor, Planning Commission and County Council on all planning and land use matters. The department is also charged with the administration of the Subdivision and Zoning Codes. The major divisions of the department are: Administrative Services, Ministerial Division, Long-Range Planning Division and Planning Section.

Egg Rush 2009


Bite Them… HB444

BITE ME: We really should end the week with an emotionally satisfying rant suggesting the bigoted, homophobic, red-shirted troglodytes to shove their jesus and bible up their sociopathic asses so there won’t be room for that army of big hairy phalluses they apparently fear so much.

After all, it’s as obvious as it was a decade ago that you can’t fight the religious passion of mentally ill, deluded, heterosexual degenerates with clear rational logic and calmly reasoned arguments for civil rights…

I think you get the gist… but if you want to read more… I suggest you read Andy Parx post Bite Me.

Reminder: Second Wooden Bridge on Kaiwiki Road to be Closed TODAY

The Department of Public Works is scheduled to reinforce the support beams on the second wooden bridge on Kaiwiki Road in North Hilo TODAY, weather permitting.

No pedestrian or vehicles will be allowed to use the bridge from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. while repairs are underway.

The wooden bridge located close to the top of Kaiwiki Road serves seven residences. They will be notified by Public Works in advance of the bridge closure.

The County of Hawai’i maintains 127 bridges that are registered under the National Bridge Inventory and administered by the Federal Highway Administration. Twenty-eight of the 127 bridges are wooden and serve the communities of Puna, Hilo, Kohala, Kona, Hāmākua and Ka’ū.

New County Website Being Developed Says Bishop

I spoke with Hunter Bishop tonight at the Highway 130 meeting, and I asked him how the website was coming along.  He mentioned that they are still working on it and it should be coming along soon.

He did mention that it would feature RSS feeds so that media outlets could just have the information fed directly to their sites.

Still waiting though.

I forgot to ask a few things I guess I should have asked… like how about a county blog?

I Can Handle Not Eating Peanuts… How Am I Going to Stop Eating Pistachios?

I love pistachio nuts… like… I’m addicted to them to the point where I can polish off a 1 lb bag in a sitting if I have em in front of me.  Just wish they weren’t so damn expensive.

Federal food safety officials warned Monday that consumers should stop eating all foods containing pistachios while they figure out the source of a possible salmonella contamination…

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When Cows Fly in Hawaii

I just saw this video uploaded to youtube.  I’m pretty sure it’s a copy from Hawaiian Moving Company:


200,000 Dollar Notes Around the World





Damon Tucker's

Damon Tucker's




Bogus Twitter Person: Internet Police (Sam Sweetman/Shirley Bradbury)

So I get home from a long day… only to find out that someone is posting messages on Twitter to the following people… Who I think I know as Ms. Shirley Bradbury.

This stems from the same person that is doing the $100.00 Essay Scam Houses.

It’s very easy to see why… as I notified some of the people she was talking to on Twitter that the scam house was illegitimate.

  1. @KatKwxx BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  2. @bigislandnews BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  3. @shutupmeg BEWARE: damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

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  7. @NancyLeuer BEWARE… damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  8. @joshontheradio BEWARE, damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

  9. @islandtrust BEWARE… damontucker (HACKER) is well known for getting people to his blog/site (INFECTED/VIRUS). Can u spell identity theft?

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The Ledge: Mina

The latest episode of the “The Ledge” is out and as usual, you can view past episodes up on the top of the blog:

Chair of the Hawaii Energy and Environmental Protection Committee Hermina Morita talks about energy in the world and how Hawaii will play a huge part in ending our addiction to fossil fuel.


Census Test Training

So I just got back from the first day of census training.

There were 16 of us.  Surprisingly enough…  two people from “Punaweb” were also hired.

Today was all paperwork and just doing basic stuff like getting to know our supervisor… fingerprinting, issuing of hand held computers, badges and learning how to fill out time sheets.

We get paid for Travel Time… As well as Mileage.

Most of the stuff that we will be doing, is pretty confidential… So I won’t go into to much on my blog.

I can blog about the position… I just can’t blog about the people I meet or the actual locations that I’m going to.

We were even instructed not to talk to the Media… I kind of snickered at that… and just told myself to shut up about my blog.

The biggest thing that happened…

Was I was told I was only going to be working about 20 hours per week… I got in there today… and they said were all working 40 hours per week.

So now I’ll have to work my DOE job until 12:15 each day… then work the census work from 12:30 – 6:30 each day and put in 10 hours during the week time.

At least it’s only for 10 weeks… and I can use the extra $6,000 + for the easy work… so I won’t bitch that much.

Just worried about them effing DOGS!

Now I got to get ready for tonights Highway 130 meeting.

I can see that my days are gonna be very long for the next couple months.

Luncheon Seminar: The Media’s Role and Impact on U.S.-Muslim Relations

Leading U.S. and Asian journalists will share their insights from the Senior Journalists Seminar, an EWC study tour that delves into interfaith relations and its impact on domestic and international politics. In this program, journalists engage their peers and religious leaders on issues that have caused tension between these Asian countries (which have substantial Muslim populations) and the U.S., especially since 9/11.

Where: Garden Level, Hawaii Imin International Conference Center – 1777 East-West Road
When: April 3, 2009

Time: 11:30 AM -Registration
12:00 – 1:30 PM – Lunch & Program

Cost: $22 — co-sponsor members; $25 — non-members

Please RSVP by Tuesday, March 31

For more information about the seminar, click here or send e-mail to

2009 Senior Journalists Seminar Participants:

India: Syed Shujaat Bukhari, Bureau Chief, The Hindu, Srinagar

Indonesia: Purwani Diyah Prabandari, Bureau Chief for Central Java and Yogyakarta, Tempo Inti Media, Yogyakarta

Iran: Reza Zandi, Member, Iranian Journalist Association, Tehran

Pakistan: Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Senior Staff Reporter, News Network International (NNI), Peshawar

Philippines: Art Bonjoc Jr., Area News Manager, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Cagayan de Oro City

Singapore: Saini Bin Salleh, Assistant Editor, Berita Harian

United States: Antonio Bernhardt, Senior Assignment Editor, WTTG Fox News, Washington, DC

Tricia Escobedo, News Editor, The CNN Wire, Atlanta, GA

Paul Feldman, Assistant Foreign Editor, Los Angeles Times, CA

Adam Najberg, Senior Editor, Video, Wall Street Journal, New York, NY

Robin Shulman, Reporter New York Bureau, The Washington Post, New York, NY

Alex Travelli, Editor Online Edition, The Economist, New York, NY

Co-sponsored by: The East-West Center, Friends of the East-West Center, Pacific and Asian Affairs Council, Honolulu Community-Media Council, Asian American Journalists Association, and University of Hawai’i — School of Communications

Parking: $4 :Send $4 parking fee with check for luncheon or pay at the registration table. Display flyer on dashboard. You will be directed to park on the lawn between Burns Hall & Hale Manoa.

Click here to view flyer.

Fearless Fess 2009


Highway 130 Meeting MONDAY: Estimated Average Daily Traffic Over the Next 30 Years Along Highway 130

Table 2: Estimated Average Daily Traffic Along Keaau-Pahoa Road

From – To:                            2002—-2018—-2028—-2038 (Year)

Keaau Bypass Opukahaia Street 21,300 31,900 41,000 52,700
Opukahaia Street Transfer Station 20,400 30,700 39,600 51,100
Transfer Station Shower Drive 22,100 31,500 39,300 49,100
Shower Drive Pohaku Place 16,700 24,400 30,900 39,100
Pohaku Place Kaloli Drive 16,700 24,300 30,800 39,000
Kaloli Drive Pohaku Circle 16,700 22,800 27,700 33,700
Pohaku Circle Orchidland Drive 13,800 20,500 26,200 33,600
Orchidland Drive Paradise Drive 13,800 20,300 25,800 32,800
Paradise Drive Aulii Street 12,100 17,500 21,900 27,600
Aulii Street Makuu Drive 12,100 17,400 21,900 27,500
Makuu Drive Ilima Street 12,100 16,000 19,100 22,800
Ilima Street Ainaloa Boulevard 12,100 16,000 19,100 22,800
Ainaloa Boulevard Ka Ohuwalu Drive 11,700 15,600 18,700 22,400
Ka Ohuwalu Drive Kaluahine Place 11,700 15,800 19,100 23,100
Kaluahine Place Old Pahoa Road 6,000 11,000 16,100 23,600
Old Pahoa Road Kahakai Boulevard 4,200 7,400 10,600 15,200
Kahakai Boulevard Nanawale Homestead Road 4,000 6,200 8,200 10,800
Nanawale Homestead Road Unnamed Road 4,000 6,000 7,800 10,100
Unnamed Road Pahoa-Kapoho Road 6,600 7,900 8,900 10,000
Pahoa-Kapoho Road Leilani Estates 4,700 6,800 8,500 10,700


Highway 130 Meeting

Monday at Keaau Elementary School Cafeteria 5:45

Hawaiian Mermaids… It’s Not Even April Fools Yet!

Folks it’s not even April Fools Days yet and I’m finding some weird stuff out there on the net.

I just ran across this site called “Hawaiian Mermaids


I don’t know when this site was built, but I did notice on this page that they seem to be currently filming on the Big Island.

He/She/They/IT has a myspace page where they state:

Aloha my name is Sita. I grew up in Hawaii my whole life, I Love Mermaids and the water. I started painting and drawing Mermaids when i was a very little girl and now I create real Live Mermaids! I’m a Mermaid Model, Tailmaker, Filmmaker,and Photographer. And “Now I Make Mermaids Dreams Come True”. I live on Maui and the Big Island and I want to film more on Oahu, Kauai, Tahiti, and all around the world soon!

She also claims to be “I am opening a night club in Kona Hawaii. I am looking for Music, Bands, and Dj’s. Along waitresses and bartenders. If you have any questions and want to know more about it contact me! Looking for investors also!”
I’m trying to figure out what kind of site this is… soft porn? Imagination? Photography? Fantasy? I just dunno:

The best part about it… they even have a youtube video!


Folks… Only on youtube… well and my blog will you find this type of stuff:


So with warning… I send you over to Hawaiianmermaids (not responsible for where this might take you in future days)

China Military Officials to Meet Taiwan Military Officials in Hawaii

…Military officials from China and Taiwan are expected to meet for the first time in 60 years at a conference in Hawaii… Source:


Technology and Children… When is it Too Young?

Recently, Big Island blogger Tiffany Edwards Hunt posted a picture of her baby next to her laptop that stirred up a few emotional comments regarding the health of children.

Other people have recently commented that I shouldn’t place pictures of children on my blog. I guess I’ll push a few buttons here on this post.
When I was young, I remember going up to the local college and playing with the punch card machines and the huge computer systems when I was about 6-7 years old.

I continued playing in those same college computer labs for about 5 years while I lived next to the college. I remember the old apple [II] systems where I could spend hours playing loadrunner on them.


As I got older, I spent hours at the local arcades spending money on video games. If there was a video game to be found as I was growing up… I would find it. Whether it was on a ferry, a restaurant, a bowling alley or a corner store… I knew where all the video games were in town.

Now a days, we have home computers and video game consuls that you can play games at home. For some reason, I’ve never been much of a video game player… now that they are so easily available. However, I know many people that can’t get away from them.

When my son turned three, I bought him his first “Computer”. It’s a Vtech computer that cost about $40.00 bucks and while he was only 3 and didn’t understand how to use it that much… he enjoyed playing with it. Now he plays with it whenever he wants and knows exactly what he’s doing.


When he turned 3 and a half at Christmas time… We bought him a Vtech gaming consul. He loves this and would prefer to play the educational games that we purchased for him rather then watch TV.


This past Christmas, his grandma bought him a Vtech Camera which he uses all the time. This camera is not only a “Digital Camera” that can hold 1200 pictures with a memory card, it can also make movies and play childrens games.


You will often see him tagging along with me taking pictures of the same things I’m taking.

I myself didn’t even have a digital camera until about 7-8 years ago, and I know many people that still just feel comfortable wasting money and the environment with disposable cameras… but that’s a whole different story.

At what age is technology and computing too young for children?

Let my 4 year old son tell you a little bit about dismantling a computer and then you decide: