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Why Are So Many Big Island Residents Getting Ripped Off?

I have come to the conclusion, that there are a few people on the island that are ripping off a bunch of our residents by charging them ridiculous  prices for internet web sites.

People… it’s free to set up your own blog/website! (this blog is free!)

If you can send an email off… you can set up your own site!  Need help… ask me… I’m not gonna charge you like the majority of these people banking off our residents.

I even give free 24/7 customer service!  Geez… why do people allow themselves to get ripped off so easily?

I heard a story that someone actually got paid $1000.00 to set up an online Puna devoted paper!  Holy SHIT!  For $1000.00 I could set up the entire island with blogs…. I’d just use the money as gas money to get to the peoples houses!

Some day… I’ll find my niche… but it won’t be at the cost of our own community!

2 Responses

  1. I did those sites for free, well, also a place to stay and great company. A small hut on the retreat that was empty. As I said, I work cheap, mostly free. And I do the photography and video and graphic design. I am not saying I am great, but people are happy with my work. Plus I do SEO work, Analytical Tracking, and put them on google maps and google’s business center. I also set up their email accounts on their computers, etc.

    Yes, YOU could set up WordPress on GoDaddy, but this guy is a farmer, not computer literate and is just learning how to attach documents to an email. I said “FTP” and he just looked at me. Forget about understanding blogging. He does not have the time to learn this stuff because he is in the field 13 hours a day plus they run a retreat center. And could you take all these pictures and upload them and comment on them in five minutes? http://picasaweb.google.com/YourHawaiianRetreat/ Yeah, it kinda got under my skin when you said you could do that website in 5 minutes. :^)

    Also, GoDaddy charges only &1.99 for the domain only (kindof), hosting is more. Go to their website and prepare to be confused. I choose to go with a provider that uses 100% solar power to run their servers. It costs about $15 per month. http://www.aiso.net/ Paying it forward, yeah?

    Plus: http://nodaddy.com/ – As I have learned from experience, you get what you pay for.

    Thank you for keeping up with this. I agree with you that people are getting ripped off for these services. I will be back on the Island at the end of March. I hope we can meet and hash this out. :^) I am on your side with this Damon, really, I am. I am interested in building up the right people in the community and doing it a sustainable way.

    Damon – Sounds cool. I hope to get more people hooked into the digital society as well… and I do understand there are always costs.

  2. It is great that you are mentioning this to people Damon. However, may people want their own domain name and that is where it starts getting complicated. But I hear you about the prices people charge. I live on $1000 a month so that would mean I would only have to do one job a month! I do web design and I usually do it for trade or at much lower process. AND I take all the photographs! I do, however, only do it for non-profits or people ho are moving in a sustainable direction. Here I two sites I have done on the BI:


    Damon – Go Daddy offers personal domains for as little as $1.99 per year. I could make this blog my own domain by just paying $10.00 to WordPress. There is no reason for people to be getting ripped off. Those are a couple interesting sites… It would take me about 5 minutes to design those sites and only $1.99 for the Go Daddy Account… so how much did you charge them for making those sites?

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