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Damon Dollars… Another Smuck Idea

I have sent an email off to the few folks that participated in my “Damon Dollars” attempt at getting some kala to let them know that I’m returning their dollars and thanking them for participating.

I have a few ideas going through my head for a “new page”… however, I want to work some things through before I start up with it.

I’d hate for my blog to become just another “blog”…  so I’m looking for a new twist on something.  If you have any ideas on a new “page” at the top of my blog… I’m always willing to listen.

I will not allow my blog to become something like the Big Island Chronicle has become.  This is my blog… and I hope people come here to see my  blog and not what other people are too lazy to post on their own.

There are a lot of “message boards” out on the internet.  Some folks need to understand the difference between a “community board” and a “blog”.

I hope those same folks won’t get pissed at me for expressing these thoughts on my blog.

Why are Big Island folks so slow to realize that it only takes 5-10 seconds to post a thought… and for that matter… less then 3 minutes to start your own blog????

4 Responses

  1. Damon, you are being quite disingenuous about your criticism of Tiffany’s blog and the fact that she allows others to submit items, especially since you offered me the chance to be a guest columnist on yours.

    You don’t like (to put it mildly) people criticizing your blogging style so how about giving Tiffany a break?

    Damon – This is true that I asked if you would like to submit stuff on my site… only because I knew that you weren’t interested in writing a blog. (You are a known journalist that got sniper attacked by the Tribune Herald and I like your writing style)
    After looking into things a bit further and realizing there is a difference between “Blogs/Bulletin Boards/Message Boards and Websites”… I decided that having reader submissions was something I decided against. I would hope people come to my blog to read things that I post… not things that others post.
    My offer still stands to you… as well as anyone else to help then start a blog. The more bloggers we have on this island… the less the target will be on my back! (DPW can you hear me now)

  2. Ouch.

  3. How about a “Go Postal” page here folks are allowed to rant? (An appropriate twist in light of your relationship with the post office, no? :-)

  4. Three minutes to setup… maybe, if you just use an off the shelf format. Mine took a couple evenings to configure and tweak. But then there are the many hours maintaining it and writing new content.

    A blog can suck you in, you know that Damon.

    In any case the latest fun Between you and Tiffany, and even better, you and the County, has kept the Big Island blogosphere hopping lately!

    Damon – My blog is an “off the shelf” format and it literally took me less then a minute to set it up. Maintaining it doesn’t take much time. The time consuming thing for me… is freaking going over my grammar and spelling two mayke shure eyd dunt hav tipos.

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