Mayor Hanneman Approved Twitter Experiment? The Ongoing Twitter Saga of Civil Defense/Department of Emergency Management

On February 12th, I blogged that Hawaii County had a Twitter Account. Hawaii County Public Information Specialist replied to me in an email the following regarding that Twitter Account:
Civil Defense is unaware of that account. As I discovered now that I just signed on for my own account, apparently anyone could have set up the CD account. However City Watch is more efficient in reaching large numbers of people, many of whom do not have Twitter accounts. Almost everybody has a telephone. At some point it may behoove us to use Twitter as part of emergency notification procedures but at the current time we do not because of the alternatives available. Thanks for your interest.

On February 24th, I blogged that the Honolulu Civil Defense had joined Twitter, which in actuality turned out to be the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management the Oahu version of the Big Island’s Civil Defense.

On February 26th, I ammended the above post to say:

Yesterday, I blogged that the Honolulu County Department of Emergency Management was on Twitter.

I have reason to believe, that once again… Twitter users have been duped into “following” a fake twitter account. :evil:

A Twitter friend that would know whether they are on twitter or not, confirmed it with her friend that works there today that it is not a legit twitter account.

Today I find out the following:

OK, clearing things up, my contact @ DEM says @HonAlert was an I.T. experiment OKed by the mayor. DEM was not involved, though.

See my latest tweet about @HonAlert. Sounds messed up. Anyway, the DEM stuff is supposed to be removed from that profile, per my contact.

I just have to wonder if the initial post I reported on the Big Island Civil Defense Twitter Account was also an experiment.

I did say on February 13th:

Very STRANGE that someone would hijack the Hawaii Civil Defense Twitter Name and then post VOG warnings the day that Pahoa got vogged out, on that account.

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