Open Message to Hawaii Tribune and West Hawaii Today Employees

Is there any way that you folks can make your articles a bit more entertaining to read?

I know a few of you folks have great senses of humor but it NEVER shows in any of the articles you folks pen for the paper.

I’m not going to name anyone in particular… you folks know who you are!

Save the paper and start giving some of  your readers some humor in the paper.

I’d love to read more humorous stuff at times.  I might even pick up an online copy every now and then.  I have to say… the piece  yesterday about the Department of Public Works blackballing some of us bloggers certainly humored me enough to drop some cash coin on the paper.

It must suck having to work under Stephens Media knowing that your okoles might be on the line for saying the wrong thing at the RIGHT TIME!

I must say… I applaud the recent efforts to get the paper online by at least 12:00 in the afternoon of late.

I know things are getting difficult and you all have deadlines to make… So I’ll make an excerption this time.  :roll:

And I’m just curious… what happens to all the pictures that aren’t published?  I publish all the pictures I take on my blog whether I use them or not… any chance you folks could at least do that with some of your online stuff?  I mean we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.

I’m not gonna start critiquing every damn article and issue that you folks publish.  It seems we have another young gun in town that likes to do that, so maybe I’ll just send a little Brooklyn Kanak Attack your way every once in awhile.

There must be a way to make your folks paper more enjoyable.  The Advertiser obviously just kicked the crap out of the Star-Bulletin.

My general feeling, is besides the big bucks that Gannett has to waste on the paper… the downsizing of the paper and moving it towards more of an online beast is what really dominated the Star-Bulletin.

Posting anything and everything Hawaii related at all times of the day, drew readers to the Advertiser constantly… and still does.

You folks need an online person that can update Big Island things as they happen… Not a day later… not an hour later… but as things happen.

I know someone who is looking for a job like that :lol:

If the Tribune Herald and the West Hawaii Today want to stay afloat in this new digital era… they are going to have to get with it quick.

Already we have online papers like Hawaii 24/7 that give us more content for FREE and in a timely manner then anything the TH or WHT can do.

We have a Video Blogger in Mr. David Corrigan over here at Big Island Video News that gets comments like this from professionals on Oahu:

“Check out Dave Corrigan’s volcano coverage and note the quality of his videos and his website. Blackballing this work is clearly a mistake, I wish we could have similar coverage of Oahu

These pictures don’t have much to do with this blog… I just thought I’d throw it in for nothing.  :roll:



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