Island Trust Consolidating Offices… Pahoa Branch Now Closed

The economic market is hitting home to me personally.   One of my advertisers (Island Trust at top Left) has recently been forced to make a smart economic move and vacate their Pahoa Location.

Side view of former Island Trust Building

Side view of former Island Trust Building

The Island Trust Realty office on Pahoa’s main strip has been in business for quite some time.   Due to the recent market conditions for real estate on the Big Island, Island Trust has decided to consolidate their offices and will no longer have Pahoa as one of their offices.

Front view of building formerly housing Island Trust, Pahoa Branch

Front view of building formerly housing Island Trust, Pahoa Branch

Of course, Island Trust is just one of many businesses that have come and gone through the Pahoa Downtown area in many years.  It is one of the first businesses that I have heard of that was still able to sustain themselves after vacating Pahoa.

Real Estate has really tumbled here in Hawaii, and while it may seem great for some of us first time home buyers… many may not realize the long term implications that this down turn in housing really has on us all.

Often times you may get the vibe from my blog that I don’t like tourists, or that I’d love to keep Pahoa as it is… but the truth of the matter is… we all suffer when we lose businesses here in town.

Inside look at the vacant building

Inside look at the vacant building

Not only is Pahoa losing a great business that did nothing but bring positive things to Pahoa… have you seen the people that have now started hanging out in front of the vacant premise?

I wish the best for Island Trust… and of course… I hope they will continue advertising with my blog.  I would hold no hard feelings though if they decided not to advertise here anymore since their office is no longer located in the Puna.

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  1. The bulk of our business is still in Puna — the most affordable place in the State of Hawaii!

    We dig Damon’s blog, and will continue to advertise here!

    Thanks…Island Trust Properties

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