Hydrogen fueling Station at Volcanoes National Park… “Hydrogen Highway”?

Hat tip to Georgette Deemer over at the Hawaii House Blog for blogging about some of the “US Army Environmental Initiatives for the Big Island“.

The following initiative caught my eye:

“Hydrogen Highway” – The Army is working with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency to implement recommendations from the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative. One initiative is working to establish a hydrogen fueling station at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

“I am excited about the possibility of the County of Hawaii and Hawaii state government to partner with the Army to allow and enable our local government fleet to fuel up at a hydrogen fuel station,” said Representative Cindy Evans, a former vice chair of the House Energy & Environmental Protection committee. “As more county and state vehicles turn to hydrogen fuel, not only will we decrease our dependency on foreign oil, but we will also see significant savings in the future. My hope is that this first station will be one of many that will dot a ‘hydrogen highway’ where private and public vehicles can tap into the benefits of this renewable energy source in the future…

I like the concept, but in today’s economy, I have the feeling that only the rich and wealthy will be able to afford the cars that use some of these alternative energies.

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