BIVN EXCLUSIVE: Star-Bulletin Reporter Rod Thompson Interview on Todays Neighbor Island News Bureaus Being Closed Down Today… The Video

Today, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin closes its Big Island Bureau, laying off long time bureau chief Rod Thompson.

…In this video filmed on Thursday, Thompson reflects on his decades of Hawaii County journalism as he clears out his Kinoole Street office…

Click Here for Exclusive Video of Rod Thompson’s Reflections on the closure and other past stories of his covering the StarBulletin.

“…Now a days thirty years later, were into a world of blogs and blogs are so much opinion and they start right often with the opinion without getting out the facts…”

Ouch Rod! Just playing… Best of wishes to Rod and I hope you start a blog soon. Let me know if you would like assistance in starting one, because we sure could use someone like you writing a blog.

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