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Would the County Put a “Gag Order” On Employees From Speaking To ME?

I’ll just file this in the “A little birdie told me” file:

Would Hawaii County specifically tell county employees to withhold information from me?  Could this have already happened without me not even knowing it?  Who is that Damon Tucker guy?  Why would the County worry so much about me?  Was there a County “Directive” to keep information from bloggers?  Did this directive actually happen for 10 days?  Why wasn’t I ever made aware of it if there was?

Find out that and more in the next few days… Trust me, the suspense is killing me and a couple other bloggers more then it will ever hurt you folks reading this.

Rumor has it… that for 10 days a gag order was put out to some County Officials to not speak to me specifically, as well as at least two other bloggers on this island that I will not mention by name unless it mentions it in the upcoming newspaper piece.

More to come in the next few days.

Would the local newspapers actually run a story about Bloggers?  And further more… Will they stand up for bloggers and “public information”.

Same Bat Blog… Same Bat Smuck… Same damn government Bullshit!

More to come in the next days.

I have the feeling someone is going to end up with a Smuck Award after this is all said and done with.

4 Responses

  1. Pardon me for assuming you check your email.

  2. A “little birdie”? Like Jason Armstrong calling you for comment?

    Damon – Don’t be so quick to assume. I called Jason just 4 minutes before the deadline for the article. Aaron informed me… I didn’t mention Aarons name because article had not been published as of yet… So in this case…Aaron was my little bird. Jason’s email to me went straight to my spam folder and I didn’t even know anything until 4 minutes until deadline. Then I called him.

  3. Did Hunter go over to the dark side? :-) Can’t imagine anyone else in County knowing much about the blogosphere…

  4. I’ll let the cat out the bag and say I’m one of the bloggers who was mentioned in this directive.

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