I’m a Capsun Winner

Yes folks… I’m an official Capsun Corner WINNER!

The other day, Capsun ran a contest guessing the exact minute that he was born on his birthday.

  • Contestants must guess the time of my birth, down to the hour and minute (for example, 10:10 am) and submit it as a comment to this post.  Closest to the correct time wins.  In the unlikely event of a tie (same number of minutes off), the earlier comment wins.
  • The prize:  your choice of a single Moleskine Cahier or Moleskine Volant notebook. The Cahier is black, while the Volant is a royal blue (not too dark, not too light).

Of course I threw in the time of 4:20 am just as a joke as well as a few other Price is Right references along the way… but my winning post didn’t have anything to do with time:

They say things like this come in threes, so the last prize of a Moleskine Cahier goes to Commenter #10, Damon, for this:  Old FUT! Happy Birthday! http://tinyurl.com/b4mdjn. As a blogger, I have to admit that a whole blog entry wishing me a Happy Birthday is a pretty good way to help win a prize during a contest.  Thanks for that recognition, Damon.

Well today I got the prize in the mail today and I’d just like to say Mahalo Capsun for giving me a great “prize”… even though I wasn’t the actual winner.   I kind of like these moleskine things, I just need to remember not to waste paper the way I normally do.


Holding my Moleskine Notebook along with my winning "Guess" on the screen in the background. You can see the winning link here: http://tinyurl.com/b4mdjn

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  1. Congratulations again, Damon. Hope you enjoy them. Just don’t use your new Moleskine to challenge more of my places to eat recommendations ;-) LOL.

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