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The Civil Union Bill Tweet Feed from Derrick DePledge


I have the feeling that this hearing is going to go way late into the night.  I’ve set up Derrick DePledge’s Tweet feed on the left.  I’m not sure how long he will be at the capital.  But I’ll leave it up there until he’s done and switch it over to another feed from the capital if someone else picks it up.

(Honolulu Advertiser columnist Derrick Depledge is at the Legislature Twittering live from this historic hearing.  The Tweets that he is providing are really showing an interesting insight on things.)

  1. Young warns senators who vote “yes” that people will work to prevent their re-election.

  2. Young, who opposes civil unions, said people should not be manipulated into supporting civil unions under the guise of tolerance.

  3. Poulos: “We’re really listening now. The sleeping giant is awake.”

  4. Poulos, a concerned parent, said people mistakenly believed that lawmakers would represent them and preserve marriage after the 1998 ConAm.

  5. Ozoa, a UH student, tearfully says: “I’m basically just asking for equality, the same rights as you folks have.”

  6. Scow: civil unions would open the door to teaching homosexuality in public schools.

  7. Scow: “Homosexuals, your lifestyle is not healthy for you.”

  8. Scow says homosexuals want to infiltrate the minds of children.

  9. Scow, a Mililani mother, said homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God.

  10. Reynolds, whose daughter is a lesbian, said she loves her daughter but it takes a mother and a father to produce a child.

  11. Dame, a progressive activist, says 1998 ConAm reserving marriage to men and women does not stop Leg from ending discrimination against gays.

  12. Sans, from UH and the partner of Hamilton Krieger, says the fact that interfaith groups support civil unions shows religions are divided.

  13. Scene at Senate JGO hearing on civil unions: crowd has thinned considerably from the morning but still standing room only in auditorium.

  14. Scene: Many supporters of civil unions, who are outnumbered, are wearing gold stickers with the word “equality” in green.

  15. Scene: Many opponents wearing red t-shirts in unity; others wearing white t-shirts with the words “marriage 1 man & 1 woman.”

  16. Scene: Turnout for civil unions hearing is the largest in recent memory; larger than Superferry hearings during 2007 special session.

  17. Senate JGO will break for Senate floor session at 11:30 a.m. and then reconvene civil unions hearing at 1:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

  18. Alexander says marriage is a special benefit and should be preserved. He said opposition is not about discrimination.

  19. Alexander said reciprocal beneficiaries could be improved and serve as a model.

  20. Father Alexander, of the Catholic Church, says civil unions are undeniably same-sex marriage by another name.
  21. Spector asks how many married couples would trade in their marriage for a civil union — if the two are supposedly the same.

  22. Spector: Polls show public support for civil unions but not for same-sex marriage.

  23. Spector, who is gay, says it is not easy being compared to child molesters and rapists and being called diseased and a threat to Hawaii.

  24. Spector, of Family Equality Coalition, thanks Arakaki for comments about forgiveness.

  25. Siu, of Christian Voice, asks whether state should recognize child molesters or rapists.

  26. Scene: standing room only in the state Capitol auditorium; hundreds gathered outside in the hallway, watching on television.

  27. Arakaki asks for forgiveness from gay and lesbians because religious community has failed to fully embrace them.

  28. Arakaki suggests a social impact study on the influence of civil unions on families, similar to environmental impact statements.

  29. Arakaki suggests a ConAm for 2010 to define marriage “once and for all.”

  30. Arakaki, of the Hawaii Family Forum, delivers boxes with signed testimony from more than 8,000 people who are opposed.

  31. Okino says he bases his moral decisions on the Bible.

  32. Sen. Nishihara asks whether Okino bases his decision on the Bible or the law.

  33. Okino: “I believe they’re misinterpreting the Bible.”

  34. Sen. Nishihara asks about churches that support civil unions.

  35. Okino: “I’m for putting this on the ballot, like we were forced at the city to put the rail issue on the ballot. This is more important.”

  36. Okino: Civil unions would give legal equivalence to the homosexual lifestyle.

  37. Okino: marriage is between a man and woman because the “parts fit.” Homosexuality, he says, causes disease.

  38. Honolulu City Councilman Okino: civil unions would be a danger to the community.

  39. Scene at Senate JGO civil unions hearing: children sitting on the floor doing homework; people praying.

  40. Pyle, of HI Dem. Party, says state party and President Obama support civil unions.
  41. Sen. Slom says UH speaker marginalizes the electorate.

  42. UH’s Hamilton: “Let us be clear, homophobia harms children.”

  43. UH’s Hamilton says reasoned deliberation by lawmakers, not the popular will, should determine civil unions. Cites civil-rights history.

  44. UH’s Hamilton says reciprocal beneficiaries law is “constitutionally deficient.”

  45. Sen. Bunda says it would be better to strengthen reciprocal beneficiaries law than have civil unions.

  46. BOE’s Iwamoto says she’s not aware that heterosexuality is taught in public schools.

  47. Sen. Gabbard asks Iwamoto whether homosexuality should be taught equally with marriage in public schools — shows children’s books for gays.

  48. BOE’s Iwamoto says inequality sends message to children that something is wrong with gays and lesbians.

  49. Senate JGO says more than 1,300 have signed up to testify on civil unions bill.

  50. At Senate JGO hearing on civil unions. Overflow crowd.

One Response

  1. I cannot believe what Gary Okino said. He is a disgrace to our community and I can only hope he is defeated in the next election.

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