“Helping A Braddah Out Foundation”… New Blogger on the Big Island: BKNYKANAKA

RJ Mendoza, Aka  Brooklyn-Born Kanaka Maoli, has cracked me up enough for the day that I just have to add him to my ‘roll.

Wanted: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Wanted: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I don’t necessarily have to agree with anything he says… or for that matter anything anyone says… but the dude has cracked me up enough to make me spit up Gatorade.
I noticed a “link” coming into my blog and I just had to laugh when it was the guys “About Page” and I read the following at the very bottom:

Timeline of BKNYKANAKA’s Internet Life

  • 2009- Uncertain-but-hopefully-turned-friendly *tit for tat* blog posts (yes, I did instigate, so what?) draws attention of local Big Island blogger Damon Tucker. Rebuttal message post increases traffic to oshawaii.net As a result google ads increase from $0.09 to $0.10!!!! ((keep clicking them ads, readers…baby needs some plastic surgery!))

So just to let Mr. RJ Mendoza know that I have no hard feelings to him and even though he gave shit to my “Damon Dollars” despite having his own “Help a Braddah Out Foundation“… he does admit instigating something he shouldn’t have started… and in the future… I hope he knows not to talk about other bloggers children or the possible future education of that bloggers child without hearing some sort of reaction from that blogger!

He writes in his About himself column that he contributes to the UH Hilo/HawCC student paper Ke Kalahea.  If he digs around the office… he may find some of my old layouts I did while I was the Lay-out Editor.  I also ran a column for the paper called appropriately “Have you heard of this?”. Heck… if he looks deep enough in the offices of that Campus Center dungeon office, he might even read some articles about me when I was a Senator there. :shock: :oops: :lol:

So to give an up and coming student a break… just as I have gotten throughout my career… I’ll add this buggah to my blogroll.

I’ll be watching his blog closely and one wrong word out of this young punk and I might have to break his neck.

So go check out RJ Mendoza’s Blog the Brooklyn-Born Kanaka Maoli that’s attending Hawaii Community College now.

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