“Helping A Braddah Out Foundation”… New Blogger on the Big Island: BKNYKANAKA

RJ Mendoza, Aka  Brooklyn-Born Kanaka Maoli, has cracked me up enough for the day that I just have to add him to my ‘roll.

Wanted: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Wanted: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I don’t necessarily have to agree with anything he says… or for that matter anything anyone says… but the dude has cracked me up enough to make me spit up Gatorade.
I noticed a “link” coming into my blog and I just had to laugh when it was the guys “About Page” and I read the following at the very bottom:

Timeline of BKNYKANAKA’s Internet Life

  • 2009- Uncertain-but-hopefully-turned-friendly *tit for tat* blog posts (yes, I did instigate, so what?) draws attention of local Big Island blogger Damon Tucker. Rebuttal message post increases traffic to oshawaii.net As a result google ads increase from $0.09 to $0.10!!!! ((keep clicking them ads, readers…baby needs some plastic surgery!))

So just to let Mr. RJ Mendoza know that I have no hard feelings to him and even though he gave shit to my “Damon Dollars” despite having his own “Help a Braddah Out Foundation“… he does admit instigating something he shouldn’t have started… and in the future… I hope he knows not to talk about other bloggers children or the possible future education of that bloggers child without hearing some sort of reaction from that blogger!

He writes in his About himself column that he contributes to the UH Hilo/HawCC student paper Ke Kalahea.  If he digs around the office… he may find some of my old layouts I did while I was the Lay-out Editor.  I also ran a column for the paper called appropriately “Have you heard of this?”. Heck… if he looks deep enough in the offices of that Campus Center dungeon office, he might even read some articles about me when I was a Senator there. :shock: :oops: :lol:

So to give an up and coming student a break… just as I have gotten throughout my career… I’ll add this buggah to my blogroll.

I’ll be watching his blog closely and one wrong word out of this young punk and I might have to break his neck.

So go check out RJ Mendoza’s Blog the Brooklyn-Born Kanaka Maoli that’s attending Hawaii Community College now.

Thousands in Hawaii Could Be Affected by Massive Security Breach

It is being called one of the largest data breaches ever reported — one that may have compromised millions of credit and debit card transactions.
New Jersey based Heartland Payment Systems is the nation’s sixth largest payment processor used by more than 175-thousand businesses, including many in Hawaii.
Thousands of Hawaii residents recently received advisory letters from banks and credit unions about a massive data breach.

More Here

“A Word With Ward” New Youtube Series With Rep. Gene Ward

It looks like Rep. Gene Ward is doing something similar to what Rep. Morita is doing with her “The Ledge” column on youtube.

Rep. Ward’s youtube show is called “A Word With Ward”.  Here is the first of four episodes that have were loaded this afternoon:

Just a reminder folks, just because I post clips that I find on youtube, does not mean I necessarily support what is being said.  Or for that matter, I may support something and not say it as well.

Part I – Representative Gene Ward PH.D. discusses economic:


If your interested in seeing the other 3 parts of this, you can view them here.

Premier of South Australia’s Message to Me… Banning Plastic Bags in Australia

Just yesterday, I mentioned how Australia’s Government Officials were going to be using Twitter to announce official Government Business.  Well it looks like the Australian Government Officials actually communicate with the people on Twitter.  I’m not even an Australian resident and he’s twittering with me.  (Don’t think Barack, Lingle, or Kenoi… would ever do the same and they are local officials)

Australia is a leader in Zero Waste policies.


South Australia’s Premier Mike Rann (like a Governor I guess?) just tweeted me the following message:

@damontucker We have Zero Waste here. www.zerowaste.sa.gov.au/ My Enviro adviser is from Hawaii. We’re banning plastic shopping bags here.

I hope I can continue this dialog between me and Premier Mike Rann.

I just sent him the following message:

@PremierMikeRann That is great news.The shopping bag ban is going through some heavy fights here in Hawaii… But Hopefully we get em banned

Firearm Fingerprinting Fee to Drop Next Week

The fee for obtaining a fingerprint check in connection with a firearm permit will change next week.

Beginning March 2, the one-time fee for the fingerprint check will be reduced from $30.25 to $19.25. As before, payment must be made by money order or cashier’s check only, payable to Hawai’i Criminal Justice Data Center.

The fingerprint check is required the first time a person applies for a firearm permit.

Senator Slom on Pending Civil Union Legislation… Video

Hawaii Sen Sam Slom gives the scoop on pending civil union legislation at the Hawaii State capitol, which has already passed the House and is pending a vote in the senate. He is opposed, but gives both sides of the controversy.


Why You Don’t Drink Corona on Kona’s Beaches

Corona Beer commercial spoof. This was in shot Kona, Hawaii,


Portagee Blogger!

Holy Crap… just hit my 2000th blog post.

Yes… I’m the Portagee Blogger in a Haole body!  I should give myself a Smuck Award just for this occasion!

I’ve always felt that anything and everything could be blog worthy… I guess I’m proving it with this post!

2000 and going… hope you folks are around at 20,000!

New Blog Posted on Puna Deep Sea Diver

I just noticed that Wayne Joseph has posted a new blog post about a Deep Sea Diver from Puna.


Puna is loaded with talented people that I have never met.  I’m glad that there is another blogger in the area that has met many of these people that I haven’t had a chance to run into yet.

You can check out Mr. Joseph’s blog here for more interesting tales of local Big Island people.

The Canonisation of Father Damien… Video


Benedict XVI approved the canonisation of ten new saints during an ordinary public Consistory which took place in the Clementine Hall of the Vaticans Apostolic Palace. Among those to be canonised are Belgian Fr Jozef Damian De Veuster who worked as a missionary among lepers in Honolulu in the second half of the 19th century.

UH Hilo Students Named to 2009 Who’s Who for Outstanding Leadership

Media Release:

The 2009 edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges will include the names of 20 students from the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo who have been selected as national outstanding campus leaders.
Campus nominating committees and editors of the annual directory have included the names of these students based on their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and potential for continued success.

UH Hilo honorees join an elite group of students from more than 2,000 institutions of higher learning in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign nations.

Outstanding students have been honored in the annual directory since it was first published in 1934.


Students named this year from UH Hilo are: Alexandra D. Cohen, Steven Coss, Jet Heng, Calvin C. Higa, Ashley L. Kierkiewicz, Hiroko Komiyama, Kelli R. Makino, Kohei Miyagi, Yuko Miyazato, Seatree S. Osage, Aaron Ouchi, Kimberly Pisciotta, Nichole Rahberg, Akira O. Ruddle-Miyamoto, Stacy L. Ruegilin, Eric Santos, Alena Seim, Rie Takemoto, Kendra R. Tidwell, and La‘akea K. Yoshida.

Should Same-Sex Partners Be Allowed Into Civil Unions… Non Scientific Poll

*Bump* (If you voted earlier… it will not let you vote again)

From the 2/6/09 Advertiser:

The state House Judiciary Committee Monday night approved a bill allowing same-sex partners to enter into civil unions, sending the bill to the full House in what some activists see as a historic step toward equality.
The bill would give partners who join in civil unions the same benefits, protections and responsibilities as married couples under state law. Hawai’i would also recognize civil unions, domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages performed in other states…

[polldaddy poll=”1364986″]

Message to The Brooklyn Born Kanaka Maoli (AKA BKNYKANAKA)

I got wind that Hilo blogger (RJ Mendoza) who goes by the Twitter handle BKNYKANAKA made the following comment on his blog regarding the post I made yesterday regarding the AKAKA Bill:

I find it pretty hilarious that two days ago someone is jumping up and down and lighting the fire that his child is in the running for Kamehameha Schools and then posts not one, not two, but three anti-Kanaka Maoli propoganda videos on his blog. But then again, like so many others, people are only Hawaiian when it is convenient.

My response to him:

If I am the person you are talking about… you might want to re-evaluate how you think I may feel about things. I find it interesting that you might be evaluating my thoughts on the issue without really asking me.

Apparently, you didn’t read the words in front of those videos I posted:
“Please remember, that often times I’m only posting clips that I find, and that I don’t often express my feelings behind some of the posts that I do write.  I’m just trying to share information and allow a place for people to discuss the issues:”

And in reply to your statement:
“people are only Hawaiian when it is convienent.”

Well… sorry dude… I will never be Hawaiian.  I’m only married to someone with a bit of Hawaiian in them.

I will never say or portray that I am Hawaiian.

I understand that the Akaka Bill touches many people personally and it doesn’t bother me that someone would assume something about me just because they read my blog.

I just thought I would clarify that many of my blog postings do not speak directly to my own personal beliefs on issues, and I’m only trying to bring issues to the front for many of us to read about.

Another thing that Mr. Brooklyn-Born Kanaka Maoli may want to understand before throwing people under the bus…

Is that not all Hawaiians Support the Akaka Bill.

I’ve never state whether I support it or not… and quite frankly, don’t know enough about the issues to stand on either side of the issue.

But just a reminder to BKNYKANAKA

I’m only married into a Hawaiian Family…  My son is the one with the Hawaiian Blood.  The primary reason why I want him to go to Kamehameha has nothing to do with his ethnicity… it has to do with the quality of education that Kamehameha Schools can provide compared to that of the public schools.

You can view his blog  “You can never come home again” for yourself.


I don’t choose to comment on his recent statements made today “Civil Unions Crap” … such as:

  • And I’m a (bad) Buddhist, mind you.
  • I love how the Mormons are the biggest opponents to this. Aren’t they the ones who encouraged polygamy
  • Why aren’t people asking the real important questions- who cares about The Flying Spaghetti Monster’s, God’s religious laws? Don’t impose your religious laws on me.
  • I don’t support gay marriage- I don’t support marriage in general.
  • I feel like crying when I see groups like the Holy Innocents Church, Temple Emmau-El, Unions, the Democractic Pary of Hawaii, the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, retired Luthern ministers all strongly support the civil unions bill.

I guess this is just one beauty about writing your own blog… Is you are welcome to feel the way you want to as well as post what you want to write.

I just wish others would be more careful in assuming how I might feel about an issue over just one blog that I posted.