Howard Dicus: “Stamp Out Overpaid Postmasters”

I think I had one of my bigger “Blogging” laughs this morning when I checked in at Howard Dicus’s Blog.

He writes in a blog entitled “Stamp out overpaid Postmasters

…President Obama lashed out against those overpaid CEOs, collecting millions for failure. Now someone has noticed that a CEO named John Potter makes $850,000 a year.

He’s the Postmaster General…

…The Postal Service no longer gets taxpayer dollars but it’s still hamstrung by more federal requirements and more federal oversight than its competitors have. As a result, it faces a $6 billion loss in the current fiscal year despite raising the price of a stamp every couple days…

…I am especially impressed by Hawaii postal workers, who are friendlier than their mainland brothers in the face of sometimes short-tempered customers…

I can think of one postmaster that definitely doesn’t deserve his pay raise this year.  I won’t mention any names. :roll:


3 Responses

  1. Aug 25,2009…What a slap in the face. Offering a $15,000. early retirement for leaving the Postal Service. The amount an employee will get for this offer can’t even pay a mortgage. Instead of getting rid of people and adding to the already high unemployed-under employed, why don’t the Postmaster General agree to collect a fee for street delivery? All that gas and time is no cost to the customer and always has been. I wouldn’t mind paying a yearly fee if it would help others nation wide keep a job. To have a P.O. Box it cost as low as $44. a year…so why not charge delivery addresses.

  2. Oh no…. The tiny Holualoa post office is THE BEST and has been for 20 years plus! Hats off to Edna, Joy, Tom, Sid, Ardie, and crew, over the years. You’re the Best!

  3. Most post office employees on Maui are great, but there is a few who are grumpy :). So far, the Kihei Post Office people are my favorites – they are the best!

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