STOKED!!! My Son Made It Past Phase 1 of Kamehameha Testing

I just got noticed that my son was one of 96 students to get past round 1 testing at Kamehameha Schools!

He will now go in for further testing to see if he can get into Kamehameha Schools!

Initially there was 250 + kids for 40 spots.  Now were down to just 96 kids for the 40 spots available.

After working in the public schools for the last decade… I sure hope he gets in!

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  1. I was unaware there was a second Phase of testing..Does it happen often? my son who got accepted did not test twice last year. Is this for High School? Good luck to you! I hope your son gets in!

    • My son is actually testing for Kindergarten (Maui) this year and yes there is a second phase.. I received the letter dated 2/15 that he passed phase 1 so just one more to go! :)

  2. Aloha, I stumbled upon your website through a google search as I am eagerly awaiting my son’s notification letter to see if he got past phase 1 for the school year 2013-2014, but I am a little confused. My husband and I are positive that the woman who spoke to us during the first testing said that the second phase will take place on the first two saturdays of february. We figured that we had not received a letter yet and the first two saturdays have already passed. Did she misspeak? Or maybe we heard wrong? Mahalo!

  3. My fingers and toes are crossed!!!
    Love, Gramma

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