Unaccredited University Linked to “Diploma Mill” – American Pacific University to Build Kona Campus?

I blogged about American Pacific University and how the President of the University Matthew James brings in more then $3 Million a Year and the University also being linked to Diploma Mills here

Matt James

Matt James

Now it looks like the same cat is moving his little scheme to Kona and our own planning commission has accepted it with conditions.

Special Permit to allow the construction of an administrative office building to operate a distance learning center for the American Pacific University on approximately 0.195 acre of land in the State Land Use Agricultural District. The property is located along the northeast side of Kuakini Highway, directly across from Kona Sea Villas, Kahului 1st,
North Kona, Hawaii
, TMK: 7-5-17: portion of 2.


FEBRUARY 19, 2009


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  1. Hi,

    I only report the facts as they exist! Unfornuately most of the education elitist can’t stand the fact that the walls of traditional schools are eroding along with overpriced text books that are out dated the moment they are published.

    So long overpriced brick and mortar education. Make way for more efficient and up to date information that is more affordable and relevant especially with the power of the Internet.

  2. Both Lou Goglia (is that a real name?) and Alexander are plants. Alexander, are you seriously going to sit here and say that an MBA from the University of Phoenix is respected? Walk into any real business job in America, tell them you have a degree from the University of Phoenix and watch them laugh at you. And “Kona” university is accredited by the DETC? What the heck is the DETC? And why hasn’t anyone ever heard of it before? Why go to such lengths to defend a guy who is a known fraud? Matt James (whom I refuse to refer to as a PhD.) gets pseudo degrees from U of Phoenix and Walden and then sets up a business modeled after the very diploma mills he got HIS degrees from. And you defend this guy? What are your cutbacks? All for Profit universities have predatory enrollment tactics – preying on people’s insecurities (ahem…”huna”?) and then selling them high-priced pie in the sky solutions in the form of a fake University degree. These guys are frauds and scam artists in every sense of the word. Truly reprehensible human beings. Buyer beware.

    • I am NOT a “Plant.” I am, however, fully conversant with the facts about this University. Obviously you (anonymous) are not.
      APU/ Kona University was accredited by DETC, and anyone with any genuine concern can discover what DETC is, and how long it has been accrediting Distance Learning schools: Simply Google it. If you have never heard of it then that is an indication of your own ignorance and lack of taking the trouble to find out.
      Also, APU is a “Non-profit” University, and has been for three years.
      You are at liberty to refuse to recognize Matt James’ PhD; that however, does not negate it. It is an accredited degree recognized by the US Dept. of Education and by CHEA, and I think that rather outweighs your rather arrogant stance on the matter. I am certainly in agreement with the idea that distance learning schools are often not up to the same level as state universities, and that is regrettable, but not everyone can afford these in regard to money and time (even more so in these recent times). Distance learning gives people the opportunity to gain an education at some level that they otherwise would not be accessible to them.

      • Kona University

        Effective July 19, 2012, the DETC Accrediting Commission withdrew accreditation from Kona University, Kailu-Kona, HI, for the following reason:

        The DETC Accrediting Commission concluded that Kona University failed to demonstrate compliance with Standards IX, which requires that an “institution can document that it is financially responsible and is in control of its financial matters. The institution can demonstrate that it will continue to operate as a going concern for the benefit of students, and is capable of producing accurate and timely financial information.”

        In accordance with DETC’s D.3. Notification and Information Sharing, the Commission is hereby providing written notice to the public of this final adverse action within 24 hours of its notice to the institution.

        Kona University is afforded an opportunity to submit for public viewing and also conveyed to the U.S. Secretary of Education and other relevant authorities on DETC’s website a brief statement as to the Commission’s decision to withdraw accreditation from the University. The University has until August 2, 2012 to submit its official comments.

  3. There are different levels of accreditation. National accreditation is typically for career colleges…massage, auto mechanics etc. and is much less respected than a Regional accreditation used at the Universities you know like state universities and reputable private schools (Dartmouth, Tulane, Rutgers, etc.. That being said, a nationally accreditated school may be fine if you want to be a massage therapist or hair stylist. No further training needed, so you don’t need to worry if your degree will be accepted by other higher learning institutions, or agencies.

    I have attended and worked for a State University and an online school, U of Phoenix, both regioinally accreditated. I have been both an instructor and administrator. For profit schools focus mostly on their profit, and the education is no where near as good as an average state university. Many students skate by leaning heavily on the members of their learning teams to do the heavy lifting. Employers will wonder if you actually did the work, or were a skater. For profit schools also can cost up to 3x what state schools cost. State schools are now getting into the online arena, still using their rigorous standards. For profit schools are masters at getting you enrolled (selling) using manipulative tactics. If you want a respected degree, do yourself a favor and enroll at a regionally accreditated state school. You will save money, learn more, and have much more credibility when you graduate. It is a no brainer. Don’t think you can take a shortcut with some of the flakey schools out there. Your degree from them will be viewed as sub-par.

    Employers want to know you had enough brains to choose a reputable school.

  4. It seems that Matt James accomplishments have spotlighted others lack of accomplishments. Having not taken the American Pacific Degree course yet knowing many highly accomplished trainers and therapists who have it was not a diploma mill. A non state institution does not mean fraud. It would appear this University is now acceredited as well. I wish goodluck to Am Pac owners and congratulate them on a good job. Some of those posting here are upset by financial success. I suggest they find a University where the principle is poor living in a trailer like alot of Americans.

  5. The DETC is a legitimate accrediting agency recognized by the US government. That said, I can’t believe that many regionally accredited colleges would accept transfer credits from a school accredited only by the DETC. IMO, a degree from this place would be of very limited use, but not illegal. I’d be careful about calling it a diploma mill. It could get you sued.

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