RIP Bob Sevey the “Walter Cronkite of Hawaii Television”

Longtime Hawaii television anchorman Bob Sevey died Friday afternoon after a long battle with lung cancer.

Sevey, described as the “Walter Cronkite of Hawaii Television,” passed away at his home in Washington State. He was 81….

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KGMB9 Year Ender Spot for 2009. Showcases KGMB9 News Legends, such as Bob Sevey, Leslie Wilcox, Bob Jones, Jade Moon and Kim Gennaula who just recently retired. Previews KGMB9’s Stacy Loe and Keahi Tucker to Anchor desk.


Leslie Wilcox blogged about Bob a few months ago in this post entitled, Bob Sevey Returns to Hawaii for a KGMB Oldtimers Reunion.

Bob Sevey from Leslie Wilcox's Blog

Bob Sevey from Leslie Wilcox's Blog

…And so the other night Bob Sevey walked with Ann (and a cane) into a Kailua house crammed with people he’d hired, people who’d taken pride in working for him and who remain full of aloha for him. Others had also racked up mileage in attending the party…

Rest In Peace Mr. Sevey. Heaven just became a little bit better.

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