H-130 Contraflow Resolution Ammended to Draft and Adopted

I’ve been a bit busy trying to keep up with the council meetings, but from what I just read, at the Council Meeting yesterday, it looks like they have approved a resolution to try and get H130 Contra-flowed during peak hours.

Res 768-088

Urges the Department of Transportation to Create a Reversible or Counterflow Lane During Peak Commute Hours on Highway 130 at the Bottleneck Near Keaau High School {A reversible lane is used to route traffic in one direction during the morning rush hour the opposite direction in the afternoon or evening and as a turning lane at most other times.}


AYES: Council Members Enriques, Ford, Greenwell, Hoffmann, Ikeda, Naeole, Onishi, Yagong and Chair Yoshimoto.
NOES: None

Just because the county has adopted this resolution, my understanding is that it still has to be approved by the State.

From what I have heard at the H-130 Meetings that I have participated in, the State doesn’t seem to be too interested in Contra flowing H130 at this time.

I hope they will change their mind as obviously our own Council thinks it’s worthy of a try.

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