UPDATE: $1.00 Off Mocha or Breakfast Sandwich at Punatic Cyber Cafe (Formerly Aloha Outpost)

*Update* Doh… I’m so used to the old name… I didn’t even realize that it had a name change!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to drop by the “new and improved” Aloha Outpost Cafe Punatic Cyber Cafe, located at the Pahoa Shopping Center, I suggest you do so.


Mike Hale has taken over the spot of the former “Aloha Outpost” and renamed it the Punatic Cybercafe and the place hasn’t missed a beat.

A new dining area that has more of a relaxed feeling greets you as you walk in to the establishment:


There is music that is by local musicians in the evening and Tuesdays they even have an open mic session from 6:30 to Closing.


The place also now features a small book exchange where you can buy and sell used books.  They still have Internet services there as well as having a Fax Machine for use for a minimal charge.  Mr. Hale mentioned that he is looking to expand his computer services to offer Web cams and other services in the near future.


The menu has changed a bit,  but  it still features delicious sandwiches at a reasonable price.


The place has bulletin boards and message boards for people to leave ads and to network with others.   A new feature I saw hanging on the wall was a sign up sheet for people looking for work.  So if you are looking to hire someone… here is an excellent starting place to look for workers needing employment right here in Pahoa.


Mr. Hale mentioned that if you mention this blog post during the next few weeks, he will give you a $1.00 off of a mocha or a breakfast sandwich.

They are open everyday from 6 am to 9 pm and they will take call-in orders.  The number is 936-6347.

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  1. Ernest is the bomb. THE place for music, excellent food, good books and quality service.

  2. Hi, Damon !

    Website looks Great !

    this is Ernest, Mike’s new mgmt./clean-up/ advertising pal !

    We’ve really made some great changes, enhanced our best features and continued growing in new ways…our Live Music, Books, DVD selections Menu..overall operations have really grown !

    When you get the chance,
    could you link/put a link of our site/webcam..


    or mention our You Tube channel/playlists..

    Thank You !
    and Come by anytime and ask for Ernest..
    would be glad to meet you, buy ya some breakfast ! !

  3. Please send a reply regarding the estimated times that peace tribe and gin and chronic will play today. we are coming from kona and need some timeframes to ensure that we come when the party’s hoppin….thx

  4. Thanks for the great comments!!!
    We’re trying very hard to make this the best on the island for:
    Internet Cafe
    Computer Center
    & non Alcoholic Local Music Venue
    ….Weve got big plans
    Lots of more changes coming
    The NEW NAME tho:
    or PC Cafe

    Damon – My bad.. I’ll bump this with the correct name

  5. That looks like an improvement. The old place did some nice smoothies but it was so dark and a little bit sordid. I walked past the “new” Outpost the other day and I was immediately struck by how much more inviting it looked (was in a hurry to get to the fish’n’chip shop though, so I didn’t stop).

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