The Big Island Buzz

I just noticed that there is a new blog in town!

The Big Island Buzz “Blog” appears to have started sometime this month.  The template looks somewhat close to the template that I’m using on my blog.

Big Island Buzz is produced by Ryan Egginton and Scott Wamsley of WE Hawaii.

A quick look at the WE Hawaii site finds this here.

They seem to be updating it fairly often using a somewhat of a “News” format mixed in with a little cut and paste here and a little cut and paste there.  I’ll keep my eyes open for this new blog to see if they can provide any content that I enjoy reading.

I’ve never met the fellows and don’t even know if they are on this island.  They also run

I wish them success in their venture.  I really wish more people would start blogs.  I don’t consider blogs that are similar to mine competition the way newspapers might think.  I look at it as one more person out there giving their two cents to the world and anyone can read what they choose to want to read.

The last time I counted… there were literally millions of blogs out there.

So go check out The Big Island Buzz and give the guys a warm Aloha to the blogging community.

I got to admit… the name sure is catchy.  :shock:

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! We just post what we find interesting…definitely have your blog as a regular stop.

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