Pahoa Community Medical Center to Open 7 Days a Week

I just read a post by Dan Domizio that the Puna Community Medical Center (PCMC) will be opening 7 days a week in the next week or two.

Dan Domizio at the Opening of the PCMC

Dan Domizio at the Opening of the PCMC

This is great news for us folks out in Puna.  Just a few weeks ago my son had a soar throat (which turned out to be tonsilitis) and we had to wait until the weekday was upon us as well as drive all the way into town just to have his throat checked out.

Here is an inside look at the clinic from when the time I went in on opening day.

Walking in from the waiting room

Walking in from the waiting room

While the waiting room itself isn’t that big:

Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop gives a hand, while Mayor Kenoi looks on

Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop gives a hand and Mayor Kenoi in the background of the waiting room

The examination rooms are quite spacious:

Examination Room

Examination Room

With more days available to help serve the community, I’m sure all of us will know someone sooner or later who will be using this clinic at one time or another in the future.

Another examination room

Another examination room

So if you get a chance to drop by and take a tour, Domizio said “People are welcome for a quick tour if we are not busy. The waiting area is small, but mellow. I think the fish tank is soothing. We are slowly working on the decor and having fun with it.”

4 Responses

  1. Thank goodness for a place like this in Pahoa!!
    We are thankful to have Dan!!!

  2. Hey Dan!!

    If you get this real soon, I just talked with Roger about the neon and he want to talk with you before you do anything with it. He had it insured. Please call him on his cell 541-948-6179. I can’t find your #. See you soon!! Kathy

  3. This has been a truly community effort. All involved are Puna residents. We have made a beginning but to sustain this effort we need financial support from the community. PCMC is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. If you would like to make a contribution, make your check out to PCMC and mail to:

    Puna Community Medical Center
    15-2660 Pahoa Village Rd.
    Suite 306, PMB 8741
    Pahoa, HI 96778

    Mahalo for your support.

    Richard Bidleman
    Treasurer, PCMC

    • Hi Can you give me a contact phone number for Dan Domizio?
      Be sure to address to my e.mail address or, even better, call *** *** ****

      Damon – I will forward this to Dr. Dan

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