Today – National Home Schooling Expert Diana Waring Speaks in Hilo

Today, Wednesday the 18th, Diana Waring, a well known home schooling expert will be presenting at a seminar in Hilo. You can read more about Ms. Waring on her Website: She is able to be in Hilo as she is speaking at the Statewide Home School Conference on Oahu.

Diana Waring

Diana Waring

The event will be held at 6:30 pm at the Hilo Missionary Church. Childcare will be available for a voluntary donation. For more information, call Suzanne Swanson @ 982.7371

29 Year Old Pahoa Man Reported Missing Today

The Hawai’i Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a 29-year-old Pahoa man who was reported missing Tuesday (February 17).


Steven Stoesser was being treated for an undisclosed illness at Hilo Medical Center. Just after midnight Tuesday, a nurse discovered him missing from his room. Hospital staff and security personnel searched but were unable to find him.

Police conducted a check of the surrounding area and at his home but were unable to locate him.

Stoesser left the hospital without being medically discharged and requires additional treatment for his condition.

He is described as Caucasian, 5-foot-10, 140  pounds with blond, wavy medium-length hair and hazel eyes. He was possibly wearing a hospital gown and jacket. He has tattoos of the Hawaiian Island chain on his right forearm, one with an American Indian bird design on his upper left arm, one of a spider web on his left elbow, and one of an arrow band on his left forearm.

Police ask anyone with information on his whereabouts to call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 935-3311. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 239-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

78 Year Old Hilo Woman Scammed for $6,000

The Hawai’i Police Department is investigating a report that a 78-year-old Hilo woman was scammed for $6,000.

The woman reported that an unknown Caucasian man approached her at her home at 11 a.m. on December 15. He said he was doing sewer repair for a business next to her house and he had to tap into her sewer line to do the work. He said the cost to do the repair would be approximately $6,000 and told her the business next door would reimburse her.

The woman gave the man the money. When she confronted the business, she was informed that she had possibly been the victim of a scam.

Police have initiated a theft report and caution the public to beware of anyone making a similar claim.

Police ask anyone with information about this incident to call Officer Anson Caceres at 961-2213. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

Pahoa Community Medical Center to Open 7 Days a Week

I just read a post by Dan Domizio that the Puna Community Medical Center (PCMC) will be opening 7 days a week in the next week or two.

Dan Domizio at the Opening of the PCMC

Dan Domizio at the Opening of the PCMC

This is great news for us folks out in Puna.  Just a few weeks ago my son had a soar throat (which turned out to be tonsilitis) and we had to wait until the weekday was upon us as well as drive all the way into town just to have his throat checked out.

Here is an inside look at the clinic from when the time I went in on opening day.

Walking in from the waiting room

Walking in from the waiting room

While the waiting room itself isn’t that big:

Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop gives a hand, while Mayor Kenoi looks on

Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop gives a hand and Mayor Kenoi in the background of the waiting room

The examination rooms are quite spacious:

Examination Room

Examination Room

With more days available to help serve the community, I’m sure all of us will know someone sooner or later who will be using this clinic at one time or another in the future.

Another examination room

Another examination room

So if you get a chance to drop by and take a tour, Domizio said “People are welcome for a quick tour if we are not busy. The waiting area is small, but mellow. I think the fish tank is soothing. We are slowly working on the decor and having fun with it.”

The Big Island Buzz

I just noticed that there is a new blog in town!

The Big Island Buzz “Blog” appears to have started sometime this month.  The template looks somewhat close to the template that I’m using on my blog.

Big Island Buzz is produced by Ryan Egginton and Scott Wamsley of WE Hawaii.

A quick look at the WE Hawaii site finds this here.

They seem to be updating it fairly often using a somewhat of a “News” format mixed in with a little cut and paste here and a little cut and paste there.  I’ll keep my eyes open for this new blog to see if they can provide any content that I enjoy reading.

I’ve never met the fellows and don’t even know if they are on this island.  They also run

I wish them success in their venture.  I really wish more people would start blogs.  I don’t consider blogs that are similar to mine competition the way newspapers might think.  I look at it as one more person out there giving their two cents to the world and anyone can read what they choose to want to read.

The last time I counted… there were literally millions of blogs out there.

So go check out The Big Island Buzz and give the guys a warm Aloha to the blogging community.

I got to admit… the name sure is catchy.  :shock:

From the Farm to the Freezer… 100 lbs in 90 Minutes

So after a long day dealing with a bunch of kids at school, I came home only to find out that we were slaughtering a couple pigs that were brought home from the farm.

The Best Use for a Dog Kennel

The Best Use for a Dog Kennel

Believe it or not… there are actually two small pigs in that kennel.

After blasting them with a couple shots to the head.  We began the process of cleaning them out.

Spraying the pigs down of all the mud after they have been shot

Spraying the pigs down of all the mud after they have been shot

Next comes sharpening the knifes and getting the prepping table set-up.

Got butcher?

Got butcher?

The surgery table:

Not even flinching

Not even flinching

After boiling a large pot of water, scalding water is poured over the pig to loosen the hair from the skin and then scraped off:


I’ll spare you guys the actual gutting of the pig and just get to the gutted pig already.

Ready to be cooked

Ready to be cooked

Since we weren’t going to cook it tonight, we hung it up and allowed the majority of the blood to drip out of it.


Drip... Drip... Drip...

After cleaning it up and patting it down…  we loaded it into the freezer for storage until were ready to cook em up:

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

We actually killed two pigs today, and we won’t be buying pork for quite some time now.

Not bad for about 90 minutes of work.

Quality Tattoos, Friendly Environment, Great Price… Rudedogg Tattoos in Pahoa

Rude Dog Sign

Rudedogg Tattoos in Pahoa


Tues-Saturdays (Sunday and Monday by appointment only)

A few months ago I mentioned that Rudedogg Tattoos was one of the shops that got ripped off during a rash of break-ins through out Pahoa Town.

You know a business is a good business when they are able to rapidly recover after such a devastating loss.

The owner of the shop has let me know that they are offering another special coming up for St. Patricks Day.  Buy one $250 tattoo and receive a $100 tattoo for free!  Beginning March 1st through the end of March.


A clean, sterile atmosphere is a must for any tattoo parlor and Rudedoggs is a very clean place.

Rudedogg Chair

They really take there time with their work and I have heard nothing but good things about this local establishment.  I just wish I wasn’t afraid of getting a dang tattoo.


Some day I’ll get the guts to get one… and I know where I’ll be heading to have it done.

“Save the Pro Bowl”… The Song

At the tailgate party, two guys sing “Don’t Take My Pro Bowl” away to Kodachrome.


Malama Haloa! Protect Natural Taro from Genetic Modification

From a Kahea email:

There are new comprehensive state bills (HB1663 & SB709) currently before the legislature. These bills support ethical science for taro farming and will ban unsafe genetic modification of all taro in Hawaii. Na Kahu o Haloa and KAHEA need your help to make these protections law.

malama1 If you are a taro consumer or farmer, please support the ‘taro-roots’ effort
to stand up for only the best, safest science for taro in Hawaii! NOW is the time to submit your testimony of support!

NEXT HEARING IS THIS Wednesday, February 18, 2009!
Hearing for HB1663- Ban on GMO-taro
Wednesday 2/18/09- House of Representatives Hawaiian Affairs Committee (HAW)
State Capitol, 9:10 AM, Room 329

Click here to easily submit your testimony and learn more!

Be a voice for Haloa by submitting written testimony on this important issue!

It is crucial that the community’s mana’o, your mana’o, be included in decision-making! Help your family and friends get involved too! Your letters will be included in the growing movement to stop GMO-taro and protect taro farming in Hawaii.
Did you submit testimony in the past? Sorry, but can do it again please! We have to gather new public testimony to support these new bills for a full ban on GMO-taro, please take a moment and share your concerns!

Click here for information about the CURRENT STATUS OF THE BILLS and to submit your testimony.


NO GMO-Taro Bills: Support Now!
The two bills are on their way through various hearings to becoming official law, but they need your help to do it. Please submit your testimony now and recruit your family & friends to support these bills! Its easy to do, and you only have to do it once!
Online testimony form:

HB1663 is getting its 1st hearing this Wednesday, February 18, 2009, in the House Hawaiian Affairs Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Mele Carroll (D-Molokai/Lanai/Maui). This bill was drafted by taro farmers and introduced by the Hawaiian Caucus. It provides protections for all varieties of taro grown in Hawaii.
NEXT for HB1663, if this bill passes its 1st hearing,
then more or less: 1) it must be heard by the House Agriculture Committee, if it passes then it will- 2) cross-over to the Senate to be heard in committees and voted on, then- 3) heard by the Senate and its committees, if it passes the vote then- 4) to Governor for approval, then- 5) become an official law.

SB709 Good news! SB709- a bill to protect taro from genetic modification, on PASSED its 1st hearing before the Senate Committee on Energy and the Environment last week! Six of the seven senators on the committee voted in favor of banning on GMO-Taro. Mahalo piha to the Senators who listened to the community concerns and did their own research: Senator Mike Gabbard, Senator J. Kalani English, Senator Russell S. Kokubun, Senator Josh Green, Senator Gary L. Hooser, and Senator Les Ihara. Only 1 voted against the ban, Senator Fred Hemmings.
The committee also agreed to amend the original language of the bill, upon the recommendation of taro farmers, with language that will protect all varieties of taro, not just Hawaiian varieties. These good amendments also present other important points brought up in HB1663.  This bill should be getting its 2nd hearing in the next couple weeks.
NEXT for SB709,
more or less: 1) it will be reviewed by the Committee on Water, Land, Agriculture and Hawaiian Affairs, which is chaired by Sen. Clayton Hee (D-Kahuku/Laie/Kaneohe). If it passes the vote, then it will- 2) be heard by the entire Senate, if it passes the vote then it will- 3) cross-over to the House to be heard in committees and voted on, then- 4) heard by entire House of Reps, if it passes the vote then- 5) to Governor for approval, then- 6) become an official law.

What happened to the GMO-taro bills last year?
Did you know that if the 2008 bill (SB958) to ban GMO-taro had been heard by the entire House of Representatives it would have passed with a majority of votes? Its true! Not only did the bill have the support of the majority of the House but it also had already passed all the way through the Senate. What happened at the end was that a small group of legislators, led by Reps. Calvin Say & Clift Tsuji, ‘poisoned’ the bill to represent only the interests of the biotech industry, despite the public’s overwhelming concerns and support of a ban on GMO-taro. Our challenge, this year, is not to be discouraged by the unfair actions of those few but to continue to gather the majority of support and make our public voice ever stronger– e Onipa’a, to protect our right to eat and farm healthy, safe, natural taro. This historic and crucial effort takes commitment and time- but after 1,200+ years of natural kalo farming we got plenty of both, plus pure Aloha!

Chocolate On the Beach Festival… Won’t Ever See This in Hawaii


I noticed on the Pehea’oe Blog that there was a Chocolate on the Beach Festival held this weekend in Washington State this past weekend.


With the hot weather we get I don’t think we will ever be seeing a festival like this in Hawaii.  At least not outdoors on a beach.


Hilo Tonight: Danger of Eating GMO Foods

An informative state-wide tour with best selling author and international speaker Jeffrey Smith, presenting on the Dangers of Eating Genetically Engineered (GMO) Foods.

Jeffrey speaks on Hilo Feb 17 & Kona Feb 21, and Oahu Feb 22-23.

Sponsored by Hawaii SEED, who will share perspective on local sustainable agriculture and food security.


If you care about what you and your family eat and what’s being grown on our land, don’t miss this event!

International bestselling author Jeffrey M. Smith is a leading spokesperson on the health dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). His globally respected research captured public attention in 2003 with his first book, “Seeds of Deception”, which exposed the serious yet unknown side effects of genetically engineered foods.

Founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, Smith works internationally to educate on why agricultural biotechnology companies should not be in control of our food supply and how the FDA fails to keep our food safe. He has lectured in 25 countries, counseled world leaders from every continent, influenced the first state laws regulating GMOs and has united leaders to support The Campaign for Healthier Eating in America, a revolutionary industry and consumer movement to remove GMOs from the natural food industry.

A popular speaker, he has been quoted by government leaders and hundreds of media outlets across the globe including The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC World Service, Nature, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, The Times (London), Associated Press, Reuters News Service, Time Magazine and Genetic Engineering News.

This presentation is free and open to the public. Please spread the word!

More info here