Honolulu – Nations “Best” in Low Vacancy Rates

No wonder I was getting reamed on my rent over there in Honolulu when I was living there.   To think people wonder why there are so many homeless people in Honolulu.

Las Vegas edged Detroit for the title of America’s most abandoned city. Atlanta came in third, followed by Greensboro, N.C., and Dayton, Ohio. Our rankings, a combination of rental and homeowner vacancy rates for the 75 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country, are based on fourth-quarter data released Feb. 3 by the Census Bureau. Each was ranked on rental vacancies and housing vacancies; the final ranking is an average of the two.

Cities like Detroit and Dayton are casualties of America’s lengthy industrial decline. Others, like Las Vegas and Orlando, are mostly victims of the recent housing bust. Boston and New York are among the lone bright spots, while Honolulu is the nation’s best with a vacancy rate of 5.8% for homes and a scant 0.5% for rentals.

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  1. No one can overcome the power of supply and demand (not even his majesty Obama). The price of tree hugging is less housing and as a result higher priced rentals.

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