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Big Island Tornadoes and Dust Storms… More Common Then You Think?

The other day, I was following Twitter and I noticed BIVN posted a few tweets that mentioned he saw what appeared to be a possible tornado on the Waikoloa side of the island.  I blogged about it here and some interesting comments have begun popping up.

Baron has posted two videos in the comments.  The first video,  shows a pretty impressive “Tunnel” formed over the “landscape of Waikoloa” that was taken in 2007.  You can view that video here in his blog posting “Were Not in Kansas Anymore“.

The second video shows some of the damage done by the February 29, 2004 tornado that struck Milolii which took a house completely off of its foundation.  You can see that video here (*update* blog from the event here)

Dave Smith also commented on the one that did damage back in 1970.

All this time living in Hawaii, I was always more worried about getting hit by a hurricane.  It appears that we have just as much chance of getting hit by tornadoes!  I wonder if the Civil Defense here on the islands has a plan for them?  Funny how once again, TWITTER informed me of something on the Big Island… before I heard about it from any other source.

Big Island Tornados and Dust Storms, More Common Then You Think?

One Response

  1. This is the actual blog post from 2004 of the tornado.

    The tornado in the 1970s flattened the Kona Hukilau Hotel (Seaside Hotel) under construction, ripped up several places on Alii Drive, Palani Road, Kona Alii condos, and barreled up to Kealakehe (of course there wasn’t a lot of stuff built in the path then). There’s mention of it made on the menu at Quinn’s Almost By The Sea as that location (pre-Quinns) was hit hard.

    In the 1990s a tornado ripped apart a home in South Kona on New Year’s Eve, but lucky for the family the wife went into labor before midnight so they were at the hospital so they had the first baby born for that year, plus the baby may have saved thier lives.

    Yeah, tornados and waterspouts are not that uncommon here on the Big Island, getting them on photos or video is uncommon. I have a copy of the Kona News that has a front page photo of the 1970s twister in Kona.

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