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2009 Maui Torch March: Ka’apuni E Ho’a Kukui Na Moku Aina

BEGINNING on Friday Night, February 20, 2009 at 11:00pm the people of Maui will gather at Moku`ula (Malu`uluolele Park), Lahaina to embark on a 200 mile journey circumnavigating the Island of Maui. We anticipate completing our journey on Friday, February 27, 2009 at Moku`ula with closing protocol and the handing-off of the torches for its finally journey.


A Copy of the Appeal (Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs, No. 07-1372, Oct. 1, 2008 ) to The U.S. Supreme Court will be burned and used to IGNITE TORCHES that will be carried across and through all the districts of Maui.

The Torches represent the awakening and enlightenment of knowledge to what is really and truly taking place for all kanaka maoli-native Hawaiians.

CONTRARY to what the State of Hawaii (et al) and United States of America is saying, the truth for na kanaka maoli-native Hawaiians since and well before so-called Statehood of 1959 is:

· Lack of adequate Health Care for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries.
· Lack of Housing (Homelessness) for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries.
· Lack of Funding for Education for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries-are there funds from the State of Hawaii set aside for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries separate from the States General Funds?

ALL people of Maui are welcome and encouraged to join the marchers as we journey through the many ahupua`a/districts of Maui. Join us and proudly carry the torch which ignites the awakening of a greater humanity for us all.
For more information you can Contact:
Keeaumoku Kapu – 250-1479
Foster Ampong 281-3894 / email: kekahunakeaweiwi@yahoo.com

2 Responses

  1. our aloha and support from those who can’t make the walk due to physical restrictions.

  2. It starts on Thurday at 11 pm for the ceremony. The march at 12 midnight Friday. I think that is what I heard at the meeting. May be confusing as friday at 11 pm. Thanks for the information.

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