Honolulu – Nations “Best” in Low Vacancy Rates

No wonder I was getting reamed on my rent over there in Honolulu when I was living there.   To think people wonder why there are so many homeless people in Honolulu.

Las Vegas edged Detroit for the title of America’s most abandoned city. Atlanta came in third, followed by Greensboro, N.C., and Dayton, Ohio. Our rankings, a combination of rental and homeowner vacancy rates for the 75 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country, are based on fourth-quarter data released Feb. 3 by the Census Bureau. Each was ranked on rental vacancies and housing vacancies; the final ranking is an average of the two.

Cities like Detroit and Dayton are casualties of America’s lengthy industrial decline. Others, like Las Vegas and Orlando, are mostly victims of the recent housing bust. Boston and New York are among the lone bright spots, while Honolulu is the nation’s best with a vacancy rate of 5.8% for homes and a scant 0.5% for rentals.

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Big Island Tornadoes and Dust Storms… More Common Then You Think?

The other day, I was following Twitter and I noticed BIVN posted a few tweets that mentioned he saw what appeared to be a possible tornado on the Waikoloa side of the island.  I blogged about it here and some interesting comments have begun popping up.

Baron has posted two videos in the comments.  The first video,  shows a pretty impressive “Tunnel” formed over the “landscape of Waikoloa” that was taken in 2007.  You can view that video here in his blog posting “Were Not in Kansas Anymore“.

The second video shows some of the damage done by the February 29, 2004 tornado that struck Milolii which took a house completely off of its foundation.  You can see that video here (*update* blog from the event here)

Dave Smith also commented on the one that did damage back in 1970.

All this time living in Hawaii, I was always more worried about getting hit by a hurricane.  It appears that we have just as much chance of getting hit by tornadoes!  I wonder if the Civil Defense here on the islands has a plan for them?  Funny how once again, TWITTER informed me of something on the Big Island… before I heard about it from any other source.

Big Island Tornados and Dust Storms, More Common Then You Think?

Town Meeting on Coqui Frogs Held

Go figure… Big Island has the big problem… Oahu has the Town Meeting on them:


The coqui frogs are in Hawaii Kai. Representative Ward holds a Town Meeting on Coqui Frogs. The Powerpoint presentation is presented by Chelsea Arnott of the Oahu Invasive Species Council; and Domingo Carvalho, State Dept of Agriculture, Quarrantine Division. Repentative Clift Tsuji also tell of his experience with Coqui frogs on the Big Island.

*Update* Kauai Resident Selling Rooster Traps Online

If you have ever been to Kauai, you know that there are chickens and roosters everywhere and they can become quite a nuisance.  Here on the Big Island, many people also complain about them.

After constantly trying to get the County of Kauai to assist them with the chicken and rooster problem in their neck of the woods, Kauai residents Branden and Natasha Shumate devised a plan to take care of the problem themselves.

www.RoosterTraps.com, started in August 2008, is one of many growing small businesses ran by Natasha & Branden Shumate, from Kauai. This particular business is beginning to benefit the island.”

After experimenting with different trap designs and sizes, the Shumates found that a 36″X30″X30″ trap was the perfect size to do the trick!  Their product has been a hit with residents and business owners in Hawaii.  “Customers are reporting with great feedback and they have been catching droves of chickens and roosters!” Said Shumate


The price for one of these traps is $159.00 and when I asked the Shumates what the price for shipping to the Big Island was, they said that think it’s about $35.00, however it is free shipping on Kauai.

You folks are probably thinking… Ok Damon… How much you getting paid for this blog… Truth be known… nothing… I just hate these damn birds and I hope my neighbors might see this.

Mr. Shumate did offer to link my blog to his online site, however, I told him he could just send me some “Smoked Chicken”.

You can check out the site at RoosterTrap.com and the contact information is there as well.

I’m amazed they don’t have a link to KFC on their site somewhere.

P.S. They did mention that the Humane Society on Kauai accepts the chickens for $5.00 a “head” and that the Humane Society Euthanizes them in a “humane” manner…  I prefer my smoked chicken with the head chopped off though.


The Shumates notified me that they are offering a 50% off shipping of the traps to all Big Island residents who mention my blog to them when ordering.  I guess you would have to order through the phone to get that discount though.

Hawaii Community College to Get New Children’s Center Playground?

I can’t find anything online, but it looks like Hawaii Community College may be getting a new Children’s Center Playground.

I just noticed this computer rendition of  a design for Hawaii Community College that was posted to youtube today:


Playscape design for preschoolers at Hawaii Community College Children’s Center in Hilo.

BJ Penn on Vaselinegate… Wants Rematch With George St. Pierre

BJ Penn had the following to say at his homecoming rally at Ala Moana Center the other day.

“…The most important thing is that we told the commission to watch out for that before the fight, and then they caught him doing it and they didn’t tell us until after the fight,” Penn said. “I just wish they would have told us when it happened. It’s all hindsight now, but maybe they could have taken him to the back and cleaned him off or something.”

Because of the controversy, Penn said he’d like to get another shot at St-Pierre’s welterweight belt. St-Pierre is scheduled to face Brazilian Thiago Alves this summer.

“After I defend my belt and he defends his belt, I’d love to do it again,” Penn said. “Mostly because of the controversy. I just want it to be clean — no questions, no controversy.”

But Penn also admits that he took a beating at UFC 94. He said he can’t even recall what happened in the third and fourth rounds.

“I was probably borderline knocked out or something,” he said. “I just got beat up, that much I know…”

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BJ Penn Launches Live Online Radio Show

BJPENN. COM has just launched a Live Radio Show.


The radio program is scheduled to run weekly and will feature some of the biggest names in MMA.

Please log on to BJPENN. COM and tune in every Wednesday, at 3PM/PT (1PM in Hawaii)

2009 L&L Musubi Eating Contest on Mainland

This footage was taken yesterday at the 2009 L&L Musubi Eating Contest held in San Diego, California.


Presidents Day

Presidents Day is another one of those interesting holidays that we Americans get to take the day off of work.

I had to ask myself why in the world is presidents day so important.  Another question I thought to myself… shouldn’t they change president’s day according to what president is currently in office?   I mean it is officially George Washington’s birthday… but who the hell was around back then?

I found this interesting article on the history behind president’s day.  Sorry folks, but as long as George Washington is printed on the Dollar Bill, as it was in 1968… I don’t think kids will ever forget who George is.:

Debate over the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill in 1968 touched on the fear that George Washington would be forgotten in the schoolrooms and future generations would not know about the Father of Our Country

Sorry folks, but as long as George Washington is printed on the Dollar Bill, as it was in 1968… I don’t think kids will ever forget who George is.  :roll:

2009 Maui Torch March: Ka’apuni E Ho’a Kukui Na Moku Aina

BEGINNING on Friday Night, February 20, 2009 at 11:00pm the people of Maui will gather at Moku`ula (Malu`uluolele Park), Lahaina to embark on a 200 mile journey circumnavigating the Island of Maui. We anticipate completing our journey on Friday, February 27, 2009 at Moku`ula with closing protocol and the handing-off of the torches for its finally journey.


A Copy of the Appeal (Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs, No. 07-1372, Oct. 1, 2008 ) to The U.S. Supreme Court will be burned and used to IGNITE TORCHES that will be carried across and through all the districts of Maui.

The Torches represent the awakening and enlightenment of knowledge to what is really and truly taking place for all kanaka maoli-native Hawaiians.

CONTRARY to what the State of Hawaii (et al) and United States of America is saying, the truth for na kanaka maoli-native Hawaiians since and well before so-called Statehood of 1959 is:

· Lack of adequate Health Care for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries.
· Lack of Housing (Homelessness) for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries.
· Lack of Funding for Education for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries-are there funds from the State of Hawaii set aside for native Hawaiian Beneficiaries separate from the States General Funds?

ALL people of Maui are welcome and encouraged to join the marchers as we journey through the many ahupua`a/districts of Maui. Join us and proudly carry the torch which ignites the awakening of a greater humanity for us all.
For more information you can Contact:
Keeaumoku Kapu – 250-1479
Foster Ampong 281-3894 / email: kekahunakeaweiwi@yahoo.com