“The Ledge” SB456 – Relating to Discrimination

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Discrimination in Real Property Transactions; Source of Income
Prohibits discrimination in real property transactions based on lawful source of income.


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  1. Mahalo so much for this wonderful video. I am so proud of my daughter, (middle), Joann Yukimura, right, and Pua Vidinha, my neighbor, and coalition member. THis was a wonderful video.

    Now, we need help to keep this bill alive. please call or email any member of the next committee, the JGO committee in the senate. THey need to schedual another hearing, asap, or the bill will die.

    We need this bill to cross over into the house!!..Help to make this bill a law. Mahalo to joel guy for this beautiful and inspiring video.

    Anne Punohu

  2. ?? “This video has been removed by the user.”

    Damon – Thanks…Try again. Twitter user @typaguy must have removed it and reloaded it. I’ve put a new link up and double checked.

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