UH Hilo Professor “Size Does Matter” – Male Whales Like ‘Em Large

A new study has found that male humpback whales favor the largest females. Female humpback whales are usually larger than males to begin with, measuring up to around 50 feet long and weighing approximately 79,000 pounds. ”While obesity is understandably a serious problem in humans, it is interesting to find that in some of the largest animals ever to exist, bigger is indeed better. Thus size does matter!” lead author Adam Pack, an assistant professor of psychology and biology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, told Discovery News. Pack, who is also the co-founder and vice president of The Dolphin Institute, and his research team made the determination after studying courting humpback whales for five consecutive years in the waters of the Auau, Kalohi and Pailolo channels off West Maui.  In winter and spring months, the whales assemble on shallow banks and along coastal areas for breeding and calving.  Since females produce a single calf every two to three years on average, and not all females migrate to breeding grounds, males usually far outnumber females at the sites. Interested males serve as “escorts” for their female of choice, swimming in close proximity to her and, if present, her calf.  The males all gravitated to the largest females, sometimes engaging in dangerous fights to win and maintain the coveted escort position…

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Banyan Drive Removed From OHA Settlement

I just got the following Tweet from Nancy Cook Lauer:

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=banyan+drive+hilo&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=33.489543,56.601563&ie=UTF8&t=h&s=AARTsJr-iBUJZkazckHZhcm4yiu1TICn7g&ll=19.726877,-155.065241&spn=0.014139,0.018239&z=15&iwloc=addr&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

Hawaiian Affairs hearing ends with plans to remove lucrative Hilo Banyan Drive property from OHA settlement agreement. Vote on Wednesday.

Maui Drowning Caught on Tape: Warning Disturbing


Hawaii Legislative Tweets (Leg. Tweets)

With the advance of technology, we can now eavesdrop on the Legislators in action as they work towards hammering out bills in the Hearing rooms.

There are a couple people in general that I’m following.

Hawaii House Blogger:  Twitter – @georgettedeemer (Communications Director Hawaii House of Reps; former state film commissioner.)

Honolulu Advertiser Capitol Blogger: Twitter – @ddepledge (The state government and politics reporter for the Honolulu Advertiser)

All News Hawaii Blogger: Twitter – @nancylauer (Hawaii Capitol researcher, reporter)

I’ll post some of their tweets up top… along with other folks who happen to drop by the legislature from time to time.

These tweets provide interesting insight to the legislature that you will very rarely read in the newspapers, and they are happening on the floor of the legislature live while they are happening… not an edited version a few hours later.

Pictures From Hilo Heart Walk Today

I totally spaced out that today was the Hilo Heart Walk.


I really should have been down there as my mom just got a pacemaker this year as well as having cancer more then her share of times in the past.

KWXX Radio Station DJ Darrin Carlson was there supporting the cause and he took some of the following pictures that I asked if I could steal from him:

Former Big Island Mayor Kim talks about his heart condition

Former Big Island Mayor Kim talks about his heart condition

Puna Taiko Drummers Demonstration

Puna Taiko Drummers Demonstration

Mayor Kenoi dressed for the occasion

Mayor Kenoi dressed for the occasion

Residents young and old came out to support the cause

Residents young and old came out to support the cause

For more pictures from today, check out Darrin’s Tweets here.

Hawaii County Information Specialist Hunter Bishop Joins the Twitter Ohana

Finally people on the Big Island are learning how important Twitter can be.

Hawaii County Information Specialist Hunter Bishop has joined the Twitter Ohana as well.

Well for the most part… people are just beginning to figure it out.

Like all new things, it takes a while to get use to… I wish I could figure out how to text as fast on my phone as I do on a real keyboard… thus I don’t twitter from my phone.

You can reach Mr. Bishop’s Twitter site here: @hunterbishop

Since he is no longer blogging… I hope he will use his twitter account as more then just a “work” account.

Former Big Island Weekly Editor Kristine Kubat Joins the Twitter Ohana

I keep telling everyone it’s soon becoming a “Twitter World”.

Former Big Island Weekly Editor Kristine Kubat has joined the Twitter Ohana.

She too is new to Twitter and it is a bit confusing at first. I confess that I still don’t know how to use it as effectively as I wish I could.

You can find Kristine’s twitter site here @kubehead

Tornado Off Big Island Yesterday???

Did anyone in the Kohala area see a possible Tornado or weird wind system on that side of the Big Island yesterday?

I was working yesterday, so I am only now catching up with some of my Twitter Feeds.

I just noticed this series of Tweets from Big Island Video News yesterday:

# just missed filming tornado about 20 hours ago from mobile web

# small one of Kohala coast… could see it from Kohala Mountain… NOT confirmed about 20 hours ago from mobile web

# looked like the harbor area… I’ll try to confirm with mayor in a few minutes. Looked just like Oahu tornado. about 20 hours ago from mobile web

Kailua-Kona Has 3.5 Earthquake this Morning

A minor earthquake occurred at 5:07:33 AM (HST) on Saturday, February 14, 2009 .
The magnitude 3.5 event occurred 26 km (16 miles) NW of Kailua .
The hypocentral depth is 9 km ( 6 miles).

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Crossing the Waipio Valley River Can Be Hazardous

Just saw this video that was taken yesterday at Waipio Valley.  I think it’s pretty funny only because the same thing practically happened to me about 15 years ago when I was camping down there.  It’s not fun to get stranded by water:


*TODAY* Hilo Chinese New Years Festival 2009


People Out Supporting Hilo (POSH) brings you the Hilo Chinese New Years Festival, Saturday February 14th.

The free community festival starts at 9 a.m.  on Kamehameha Avenue just a block away from Kalakaua Park in downtown Hilo with Lion Dancers offering traditional blessings along the street.


The Lions parade up to the park to open the Festival with thousands of firecrackers at 10 a.m. Up until 3 p.m.

Asian arts, crafts, product and international food purveyors pack tents filled with the sounds, smells and sights celebrating the Year of the Ox.

Performances, cooking and cultural demonstrations, and displays illustrate the Chinese influence on Hawaii’s people and culture. Free!

Info: Phone 808 -933-9772 or email amooninfo@bigisland.com