Locker Partners With Jon Auer of “The Posies”

I was recently asked about “Rock Stars” that I may have met.  I really don’t know a lot of “Rock Stars” as I wasn’t really a “Rock” fan growing up and didn’t really go to many concerts when I was younger.

My wife… she’s the one related to a lot of the famous Hawaiian Musicians, but I would hardly call that “Rock”.

My mother used to date a guy named David Auer when I was younger.  David had two sons, Nathan and his older brother Jon.  While my mom and David only dated for a brief time… I remained friends with Jon.  My freshmen year, Jon and I were locker partners.

Probably not a lot of people have heard of “The Posies”… however, they were quite famous in the Seattle area in the early 90’s and were featured on the Soundtrack “Singles” that sold millions of copies.  Jon started this group with another guy from my High School Ken Stringfellow and the two of them still get together to this day and rock the house together.

This video was quite popular on MTV for about 6 months:  Dream All Day

Jon split off from the Posies to perform on his own where he is very successful still to this day more then 20 years later.

Here is one of his performances at the sold out Triple door in Seattle a few weeks ago:


I still talk to Jon every now and then.   Myspace was a cool thing to reconnect with old friends…

But now… I can TWITTER with him whenever I want!

I’m telling you now… get on TWITTER before it’s too late.

Check out the POSIES on Twitter here: @theposies

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  1. Small world! Jon and Ken used to come up to Western and jam with a couple of my buddies from the journalism department. I think Clay and Dave actually played on the Posies demo – while the rest of us were following ‘Panic’ from bar to bar.

    I still have ‘Dear 23’ in my car and ‘Suddenly Mary’ is still one of my all-time favorite songs!

    Damon – OMG! Western was my stomping grounds, I went to Sehome and that’s where we would spend the day at when we would skip class. My mom went to college back when it was actually call WWSC (Western Washington State College). If Jon knows you… I’ll pass an aloha on from you. Did you know that the main Copy Editor for the Starbulletin is also a Western grad?

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