I’m Not Here… But I’ll Be Home Soon

Well in case you haven’t been following my blog… I’ve been letting you all know that I’ve been desperate for work.

Most of you have probably been thinking… well get off your ass and go find a job!  Well I have been looking and most of the jobs here on the Big Island do not pay near as much as what I was making on Oahu, and are in fields that I either don’t enjoy, or wouldn’t find myself lasting more then a few weeks in that type of employment.

I’ve actually had quite a few leads and thanks to my wonderful hardworking wife and a very supportive Ohana, I haven’t been diving in trash cans for food.

Well I’m actually working again.  Today is my first day at work… I actually left this morning at 6:15.  I’m currently working from 7:30 to 2:00 and I’m not sure how my schedule will work out in the future.  I am working with the Dept. of Education again, however, I’m not in nearly as a technical position as I was before.

Before I felt more like I was teaching teachers… Now I’ll just be amongst them.

Have no fear about my blog.  Due to technology, I can still post throughout the day without even using the States computers.  This blog posting I’m actually writing on Wednesday and I’m just going to set my the visibility on this blog to show up sometime on Friday while I’m at work.

I’ll be doing a lot of blogs like that once I start working more and more hours.

I won’t be able to moderate the comments throughout the day while I’m at work… so don’t fret if you see posts showing up, however, your comment that you may have made hasn’t shown up until after I get home from work.

Stoked to be back at work.  Now if I could only make some more side money on this blog.  Anyone want to purchase a Damon Dollar?

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  1. Congratulations! Welcome back into the gang with the rest of us. Alarm clocks, weekends, and the rest of the fun that comes with holding down a regular job.

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