Easy to Read: Hawaii Counties Piece of Obama’s Stimulus Package

Mahalo to Shannon Rudolph for sending me the easily broken down Hawaii County “Piece of Obama Pie” otherwise known as the Stimulus package.

For a look at other Hawaii Counties you can click here. The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Hawaii is $2,390,826,455

Below are the “shovel-ready” projects for which this city has requested federal stimulus funding. You can click on a project to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether you believe it is critical or not.

The total cost of all the projects submitted by Hawaii County is $501,100,000


Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio
Construct the 1,400-foot Laaloa Avenue extension from Kuakini Highway to create a new mountain-to-ocean connector road and add a new signalized intersection to improve traffic circulation in the area. Hawaii County HI 20 $17,000,000 Streets/Roads -4
Construct Kamanu Street Extension to connect Hina Lani Street to Kealakehe Parkway to reduce traffic congestion in West Hawaii Hawaii County HI 45 $15,000,000 Streets/Roads -1
Saddle Road resurfacing and reconstruction of 13 miles of highly deteriorated road from MP 43 to MP 56 Hawaii County HI 54 $15,000,000 Streets/Roads -1
Construct two-lane Ane Keohokalole (Mid-Level) highway linking Palani Road and Kealakehe, relieving congestion on surrounding roadways and opening 300 acres of state land up for development of affordable housing. Hawaii County HI 125 $15,000,000 Streets/Roads -2
Construct Alii Parkway, a 4.5-mile two-lane highway to reduce vehicular congestion on Alii Drive, Kuakini Highway and portions of Queen Kaahumanu Highway Hawaii County HI 133 $15,000,000 Streets/Roads -2
Mamalahoa Widening from North Hawaii Community Hospital to MP56 to increase traffic capacity through the Kamamalu Intersection and reduce congestion Hawaii County HI 30 $10,000,000 Streets/Roads -1
Lindsey Road Bridge replacement to increase carrying capacity of bridge in Waimea to meet current standards Hawaii County HI 26 $9,000,000 Streets/Roads -1
Hina Lani Resurfacing; resurface 5 miles of highly deteriorated urban street Hawaii County HI 20 $6,000,000 Streets/Roads -2
Kaiminani Drive resurfacing; resurface 6 miles of highly deteriorated highway and construct 10 new drywells Hawaii County HI 20 $6,000,000 Streets/Roads -1
Hamakua Highway Maintenance Base Yard to replace existing metal quonset hut that no longer meets safety codes; needs major repairs; and is not on county property. Replacement would be built on county land and centralize operations Hawaii County HI 15 $5,000,000 Streets/Roads -1
Palani Road/Kamakaeaha Avenue Intersection Improvements including addition of left turning lane to increase intersection capacity and reduce congestion Hawaii County HI 20 $5,000,000 Streets/Roads -2
West Hawaii Maintenance Facility, replace existing building in Kealakekua with shops and offices for Public Works’ traffic building and automotive divisions Hawaii County HI 14 $3,500,000 Streets/Roads -1
Kawailani/Pohakulani/Ainaola/Iwalani Traffic signal improvements to install synchronized signals, acquire property for highway realignment and make drainage improvements to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety Hawaii County HI 4 $2,500,000 Streets/Roads +1
Hokulia Bypass traffic calming measures, four new signals and markings, all mitigation needed due to partial opening of new bypass road Hawaii County HI 4 $2,050,000 Streets/Roads -2
Puna Makai Alternate Road EIS for a high-priority new road necessary to meet the transportation needs of a region expected to double in population to 70,000 by 2030 Hawaii County HI 24 $2,000,000 Streets/Roads +4
Traffic signal upgrades from Traconex control cabinets to 170s, 10 signal locations to provide additional controller capabilities for signal coordination and standby power during power interruptions Hawaii County HI 3 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads -1
Highway Division Office Extension, additional Hilo office space required for additional personnel to manage roadway responsibilities Hawaii County HI 7 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads 0
Replacement of Puna Highway Maintenance Warehouse, which is currently inadequate and no longer used. Needed to secure storage of equipment and supplies. Additional space needed to address additional roadway responsibilities. Hawaii County HI 7 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads 0
South Hilo Highway Baseyard Storage to replace equipment storage warehouse that had to be demolished after the roof was damaged in high winds. Hawaii County HI 7 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads 0
South Kohala Baseyard Storage to replace inadequate existing facility and secure equipment and supplies. Hawaii County HI 7 $1,000,000 Streets/Roads 0
Naalehu and Pahala Large Capacity Cesspool Replacement , replace wastewater system serving Kau public schools, business districts and residences. Hawaii County HI 250 $26,350,000 Water +1
North Kona Sewer and Reuse, installation of resuse infrastructure at the Queen Kaahumanu Highway in conjunction with the state highway widening project. Will serve planned development in the area and conserve limited potable water supplies. Hawaii County HI 250 $20,050,000 Water 0
Queen Liliuokalani Large Capacity Cesspool replacement, closing cesspool and connecting to Kealakehe Wastewater treatment plant to comply with EPA mandate, closure deadline 6/1/10 Hawaii County HI 250 $18,500,000 Water +2
Honokaa Large Capacity Cesspool replacement; per EPA mandate, replace cesspool system serving numerous public facilities including Honokaa Public School complex, state library, Health Department, Judiciary and elderly housing Hawaii County HI 200 $17,500,000 Water 0
Palani Road transmission waterline; construct two concrete reservoirs and 12,500 feet of waterline south of Palani Road to the Liliuokalani subdivision. Hawaii County HI 200 $14,000,000 Water 0
Kalanianaole Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase 2, repairs and upgrade of interceptor that serves much of the Hilo area. Failure of the interceptor would cause of spill of about 2.5 MG per day Hawaii County HI 50 $8,000,000 Water 0
Kealakehe Wastewater Aeration upgrade to allow plant to accommodate sewage from local septic tanks; EPA has required septic tanks to replace cesspools, adding to the waste delivered to the plant Hawaii County HI 50 $6,000,000 Water 0
Repair of the unlined Keopu Channel damaged in the 2007 earthquake and flood. TIMETABLE: Approx. 3,500 man day during a nine-month period. Hawaii County HI 20 $5,000,000 Water +1
Haao Springs drainage channel repair and improvements include repairing damaged concrete lining and enforcing the channel slopes, providing concrete lining between culvert and existing concrete lining and providing concrete wing walls at culvert inlet Hawaii County HI 24 $4,000,000 Water 0
Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plant sludge removal, clearing lagoon treatment system is needed to restore plant to original design capacity of 5.1 MGD and to accommodate increased waste from local septic tanks Hawaii County HI 30 $4,000,000 Water +1
Komohana Heights Large Capacity Cesspool replacement; connection to sewer syatem will reduce bacterial levels within Hilo Bay and other parts of the East Hawaii shoreline Hawaii County HI 50 $4,000,000 Water +1
Install 16-inch water main in conjunction with state widening project of the Queen Kaahumanu Highway; includes installation of 25,000 linear feet of line from Kealakehe Parkway to Keahole Reservoir. Hawaii County HI 50 $3,750,000 Water 0
Backflow Prevention Compliance, county Parks, to comply with state and county requirements for safety of public drinking water Hawaii County HI 12 $2,000,000 Water -1
Pua Sewage Pump Station replacement of aging wastewater pumps, control and monitoring systems. Failure of the station could result in a sewage spill of 3 million gallons per day. Hawaii County HI 30 $1,800,000 Water +2
Papaikou and Kulaimano Dewatering, installation of identical and updated sludge dewatering systems at wastewater treatment plants Hawaii County HI 30 $1,600,000 Water 0
Waimea Water System improvements; install 5,900 feet of 12-inch water line from Spencer Road to Opelo Road to provide transmission capacity in an area that regularly experiences low-pressure conditions. Hawaii County HI 40 $1,100,000 Water +1
Backflow Prevention Compliance to install water system backflow prevention assemblies on 67 county Public Works facilities to comply with Department of Water Supply rules Hawaii County HI 6 $1,000,000 Water 0
Memorial Hospital large capacity cesspool replacement, including installation of pump and connection to municipal sewer Hawaii County HI 7 $1,000,000 Water 0
Construct a new police station in Captain Cook for current and future public safety needs in South Kona, including a firing range for police department training. Property has been acquired next to an existing police substation. Hawaii County HI 200 $18,000,000 CDBG +2
Puna Gymnasium and ball fields, development of indoor recreational spaces and outdoor fields for economically disadvantaged community with severely underserved recreational needs Hawaii County HI 102 $15,000,000 CDBG +1
Hawaiian Paradise Park Subdivision District Park, development of 20-acre park site in rapidly growing subdivision with severely underserved recreational needs in an economically disadvantaged area Hawaii County HI 60 $10,000,000 CDBG +3
Island-wide accessibility improvements and removal of architectural barriers for Parks to meet ADA requirements Hawaii County HI 100 $10,000,000 CDBG +1
Construct Makalei Fire Station to improve response times to communities currently served by personnel and vehicles seven miles away, reducing fire insurance costs. Hawaii County HI 121 $9,000,000 CDBG +1
Hawaiian Ocean View Estates Hurricane Shelter and Community Center, provide hardened shelter and community center facilities to an economically disadvantaged area with about 5,000 residents that is more than 30 miles from the nearest state-approved shelte Hawaii County HI 50 $6,000,000 CDBG +3
Construct police station in economically disadvantaged Pahoa village next to new fire station to centralize public safety services in an area visible and accessible to the public. Hawaii County HI 100 $4,600,000 CDBG +8
Public Works Facilities ADA compliance, island-wide facilities in ADA compliance B Priority and C Priority in accordance with county self-evaluation and transition plan for accessibility to public facilities Hawaii County HI 8 $4,000,000 CDBG +1
ADA Curb Ramp Compliance Program, Waimea. Replace sidewalks and install curb ramps to comply with FHWA settlement agreement Hawaii County HI 9 $1,000,000 CDBG 0
Install Kealakehe Wastewater Plant Photovoltaic System to reduce electrical costs and reduce reliance on imported oil Hawaii County HI 30 $7,000,000 Energy 0
DPW Facilities Energy Systems will build solar energy systems, high-efficiency equipment replacements and other building energy efficiency improvements. Hawaii County HI 30 $4,000,000 Energy +3
Replace existing street lights with energy efficient lights on existing poles island-wide. Island of Hawaii has some of the highest electricity rates in the nation. Hawaii County HI 2 $1,000,000 Energy +3
Provide low-interest loans to homeowners to retrofit to increase energy efficiency; Island of Hawaii has some of the highest electricity rates in the nation. Hawaii County HI 180 $1,000,000 Energy +3
Energy retrofits for county-owned multi-family elderly housing projects at Ouli Ekahi in Kawaihae and Kulaimano Elderly Housing in Pepeekeo; Island of Hawaii has some of the highest electricity rates in the nation. Hawaii County HI 20 $900,000 Energy +2
Installation of solar energy systems in homes for very low income elderly and disabled homeowners; Island of Hawaii has some of the highest electricity rates in the nation Hawaii County HI 90 $500,000 Energy +9
Construct Kaloko Housing Project to develop 24 transitional units for the homeless and 72 affordable rentals on a county-owned parcel; needed to prepare for the impending closure of the only homeless shelter in West Hawaii Hawaii County HI 85 $18,000,000 Housing +2
Upgrade land-mobile radio public safety communications system and migrate system to 700-800MHz range to comply with FCC mandate. Improves public safety and emergency response by adding radio coverage to areas of the island that are now without coverage. Hawaii County HI 0 $89,000,000 Public Safety +3
Information technology disaster mitigation to move mission-critical network and information infrastructure to non-hazardous zones. Will ensure voice and data capabilities in times of crisis. Hawaii County HI 6 $1,200,000 Public Safety 0
Vehicle enhancement project, purchase of 30-45 passenger buses and 25-30 passenger buses to expand transportation services, providing easier access for the public to health care, educational institutions, youth activities and work sites Hawaii County HI 75 $17,000,000 Transit +5
Mass transit base yard construction to include administrative building to serve the public and house staff, maintenance facility for vehicle repairs, bus wash bay and refueling station Hawaii County HI 50 $10,000,000 Transit +4
Bus Stop and Shelter project to construct 50 covered bus shelters to protect bus riders from the elements and encourage public transit use Hawaii County HI 40 $1,200,000 Transit +7

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  1. Sounds like a lot of road and construction workers will get more work. Meanwhile, I have been watching 10 or so workers who have taken 2 weeks to paint less than one mile of the center lines on Kaumana from 7/11 to the gas station. REALLY does it take that many workers THAT long to paint ????

    Meanwhile, where are the jobs for an experienced person with a BA, like you Damon???

    Not mad at you Damon… just the system!

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