“Coquis Are Wonderful” Says CHIRP Founder Syd Singer… Running Coqui Survey on His Site

A few months back, BIVN posted a video on the Coqui Hawaiian Integration and Reeducation Project (CHIRP), run by Syd Singer.

I just realized that Mr. Singer  made a comment recently made the following comment on my site on the blog I posted about $4 million dollars being spent on coqui eradication:

The coquis are wonderful! They are now a part of the Big Island environment, and we need to be positive about them, or we will be putting down our island. Let’s promote coqui ecotourism. It’s all in your attitude…

Syd, you might be a great guy and all… but I thought harboring evasive species was some sort of an offense.  I don’t know how you get away with running a coqui sanctuary.

I see you have made good friends with them:


I noticed that Mr. Singer is running a “Coqui Survey” on his site.  I just love this slanted question he has at the end of of his 8 part survey:

7. Do you support the use of citric acid to burn the frogs to death?

I don’t really urge anyone to go fill out his survey or anything, because I doubt the results will mean anything, just as my polls don’t mean squat either, but if you want to go see what a “Coqui Survey” looks like, feel free to fill it out here.

2 Responses

  1. “Any person or organization who intentionally transports, harbors or imports with the intent to propagate, sell, or release the coqui is in violation of State law and may be charged with a class C felony and subject to a minimum fine of $50,000 and maximum fine of $200,000, plus 3 years in prison.”

    Where’s the cops???? Probably too busy getting worked up about getting their picture taken..

  2. One of the thing I have noticed is that when coqui first came, it was said that they were the size of a thumb NAIL. Now they are the size of thumb JOINTS!!! Hate the buggahs!

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