Hawaii County Civil Defense Has Twitter Site (Only Used Once)… My Letter to the County

I just noticed that Hawaii County Civil Defense DOES have a Civil Defense Twitter page set up, and you can see it here:


It has only one message posted that is dated back to January 20th of this year:
Vog Warning in Puna


Well “DUH” we always have VOG warnings… where was yesterdays Flood Warnings?

Why is the Twitter Account Locked so that only certain users get messages?

I just mailed the following letter off to county officials. I will wait and see what their response is.

1. I would like to know how many Hawaii County Residents have signed up for the $40,000 Phone Alert System that the County is paying for: http://www.hawaii-county.com/cd/message.htm

I understand this first year is free and subsequent years will be $40,000! This seems like a large chunk of change for something that has not been proven effective.

2. I would like to know where the Civil Defense warnings were that West Hawaii was flooding yesterday.

3. The only way I heard about the Flooding was through a Twitter Message put out by KWXX: http://twitter.com/KWXX/statuses/1201758225

4. Hawaii County Has A Civil Defense Twitter site… why is it not being used?

Thank you for any response you may help me find out,


Damon Tucker

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