“Butt Ugly” Grew 4 Inches on Me!

In December I blogged about an 8 inch “Butt Ugly” worm.


Well I think the Bipalium Kewense grew on me!  I just found this one outside that is almost a foot long!

Lighter added to show size

Lighter added to show size

I know these buggahs are harmless… but they sure are friggin gross little worms… or in this case big!  I have to wonder what type of germs they carry with the recent Rat Lungworm problems we have been having in Puna.

2 Responses

  1. Hello, these worms are harmful. They will wipe out entire populations of beneficial earthworms. Orange oil or salt can be used to kill them. Do NOT chop them up. They will regenerate from every piece.

  2. Thank goodness they are WORMS, not SNAKES!!! Maybe they could be trained to eat coqui frogs. ;-)

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