Waikoloa Floods… WHERE is Our Civil Defense?

I just blogged earlier today about the Big Islands $40,000 Civil Defense phone plan that Australia is adopting… where was the Civil Defense plan tonight?

The Waikoloa area of the Big Island is getting hit hard with rains.

Our own county civil defense on the Big Island has given no warning that I can find.

The message on their current site is still from the October flooding.

I noticed a Tweet from KWXX that state the following:

All roads that were closed due to flooding in West Hawaii are open! NWS says we may have same weather again 2morrow.

Of course you also won’t read anything about this until tomorrow in the local papers.

The best coverage that I’m sure we will see of this is online over at Hawaii24/7 where he has posted video and pictures of the flooding.

WHERE is our civil defense warnings? Oahu gets them when impending rains may create flooding situations.

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  1. Yes, cut off from home by the flooding, ate dinner in Waimea instead waiting from the roads to open.

    Nothing on the CD site about it, got word from others at the observatory about the closures, a lot of us live in Waikoloa. At least three of our folks thought to call back to the observatory when they had info/updates and see that the word got out via e-mail and phone.

    What about folks that have no info net (email/twitter) to tap into?

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